Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Puppy Update

Bethany and I took our 4 dogs on a 3 mile walk in this gorgeous weather on Saturday.  It was glorious and our own dog parade! There was no way either of us could take a picture with both hands holding leashes. It was fun, though. The "old folks"Wilma(4) and Nicky(5) had to be taken home for lack of energy, and the two puppies, Gibbs, now 19 weeks, and Seamus, 8 months, forged on without hesitation.

 FINALLY, spring is happening!

When these 2 puppy cousins get together it is a constant wrestling match.  It's much better if Seamus is on top, that way Gibbs's needle teeth don't tear those precious little lamp ears of Seamus's.

 Nicky looking on disgustedly....

Wilma and Mort the cat attempt at play.

Do you remember just Jan.13th when we got Gibbs home (at 12 lbs), he was this little?

Here's that same table....(weighing in today at 49 lbs.)

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday, we sure are!
Nancy and Bethany

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  1. I love your updates! Gibbs sure has grown! I am sure the dogs are loving this nice weather. Nothing like a good long walk to tire them out! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Its amazing how fast puppies grow. I am looking forward to this fabulous weather today to take Helen out and blow bubbles.

  3. My gosh he has grown....they all are adorable!

  4. What fun! Gibbs baby pic is so adorable! A nice walk is on our agenda today, too!

  5. Just toooooooo adorable! You know I love these angels!
    Happy Sunday.

  6. I love them all :) :) :) nobody mess with Nicky or else.... haha!

  7. Simply marvelous dogs Nancy! I can't imagine how you managed walking all of them at once! yes, spring is here and we are definitely happy. :-)

  8. They are all so sweet and looking like they are enjoying each other and the nice weather. Thanks for sharing...while these are design blogs it is always nice to take a break and share a bit of real life.

  9. The dogs are certainly cute but those daffodils bring me hope!

  10. Hi Nancy;)
    Thanks for all the sweet comments!
    Love to inspire other bloggers!
    You have such sweet pups;)

    I`m your newest follower!
    Love and hugs

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  12. Gibbs is adorable. Our neighbors got a Goldendoodle just before Christmas. I am amazed at how big he is already!!


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