Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Need a little Fiber?

I just replaced my jute rug in my living room after 3 years.  I was pretty impressed it lasted that long after initially picking the wrong color (ivory) and raising a few pups (which can wreak havoc on any kind of rug). I'm definitely going back for more!

For a relatively low price point, natural fibers provide exceptional layering power and a pretty heavy-hitting surface.  We recommend sisal, jute or seagrass in just about every project we do because it brings the element of the outside in.  

Lauren referred me to Fibreworks a while back for wall-to-wall installations and their site gives a really good definition on each fiber's attributes. I put together a little eye chart with their definitions.

By now, there aren't many strangers to the natural fiber rug, but there are a lot of people keeping a look out for the best deal, like myself.  I love jute for its knobby appearance and softer texture so I just upgraded to a nice braided one! For my household, the looser weave on the jute rugs is more forgiving to stains and spills and can withstand a good scrubbing without changing the appearance.  The tighter weaves can be a bit harder to spot-treat.

Our favorite natural fibers for UNDER $200:

1 - Rugs USA Handspun Jute (really good sale going on right now!)
2 - Rugs USA Maui Chunky Loop (really good sale going on right now!)


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  1. This is so helpful!! I will pin this as a resource. Also, the fact that you found so many bargains for us prove you really love us!!

  2. I LOVE my jute rug from World Market ~ I'm planning to take it outside and hose it down when we get a nice day, I haven't done it before, fingers crossed it goes well!

  3. Thanks for the information. I was planning to get a natural fiber rug for my entry but I'm having trouble narrowing down my choices-now I can add the zigzag rug from Home Decorators to the list.

  4. I am definitely seagrass fan! I can even wipe up red wine and it doesn't leave a stain!

  5. I have the #3 bought from Overstock and i love it, I use it in the summer months, so it's gonna be coming out soon again. I would love to try #4 when #3 goes bye-bye. :-)

  6. They all look so neat and I would have a hard time choosing! I had a huge rug in my old house and just no place for one here, but I love the look!

  7. Informative post Bethany! So much good info. I love a natural fiber rug...what's not to love...they add so much to any room!

  8. Bruce is in agreement with you, B!
    He has ruined both of ours! Thank goodness they are inexpensive. I guess he thinks they are like grass...he digs and chews them. I have one out in the rain right now. Hope I can salvage it.
    You know me, though...he's an angel and can't be scolded or he gets the sad face. ;)


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