Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Architect spotlight

Do you know of the beautiful design store in Charlottesville, VA called and George?  Bethany has been there many times and I have yet to go, but the mother-daughter team has impeccable taste, the kind we want to emulate (plus, the store is named after their prize bulldog, George!).

There is an architect affiliated with their services by the name of Bethany Puopolo and she has a wonderful story.  I first stumbled across Bethany's work on and George's blog, highlighting an addition of an elevator to a historical home. It looks as if it's been there all along!

But then when I explorered Puopolo's website seeing more of  her work, her home and the process behind the design, I fell in love with Bethany Puopolo's aesthetic, love of pure materials and letting the outside come 'in'. Her 2400 square foot Virginia farmhouse of has slate floors made from slate dug from her property, and she has replaced modern drywall with natural wooden walls and board and batten. A liveable house where barn boots are not a curse word!

Her architectural studies of historic preservation led her to use barn builders and post and beam construction in their new home in the Virginia countryside. I am drawn to her love of animals and the 1000 sq. feet of porches that encompass her home so that she can see her animals and her land.

The pale color she uses in her home, the love of nature, her use of natural wood in decorating and simple furnishings all come from her Swedish roots and is quite easy on the eyes. She is featured in Southern Living



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  1. Gorgeous ... for George! Thanks for sharing!! xo

  2. Love the store named after their dog. Wow, Bethany the architect, is really talented. Virginia is such a beautiful state with so much visual interest.

  3. I read that article in Southern Living and was blown away. The house is gorgeous.

  4. Such a talented person!! Would love to be sitting in that outdoor space. Stunning.
    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Gorgeous home. I need to get to Virginia!

  6. I always love a trip to VA. Thanks for sharing another reason to visit! :)

  7. Beautiful!! LOVE the name of their store! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this Post. A lovely home ....

  9. I see exactly what you mean Nancy. thank you for the intro on this great architect!

  10. Beautiful home inside and out, thanks for sharing!

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    Have a good day!


  11. I have read and George read. This home is so warm and gorgeous!

  12. Wow! I love her design aesthetic! Thanks for the introduction, I will definitely be stalking more of her work :)


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