Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend puppy update- 4 months old

Gibbs went to the vet this week for his last puppy shot and rabies shot. He is 16 weeks  and 36 pounds according to the vet scale. Mine said 40 last week, SO DOES THIS MEAN MY SCALE IS WRONG--I AM 5 POUNDS THINNER than I thought??? I doubt that. Maybe he had just eaten or something last time.

Remember him on Nicky's window bench in my office a month ago?

He kept falling off of it this week and was barely able to stay up there. Nicky will be happy when he gets his bench back.

He outgrew his 14" collar and is into a bigger size...He was crazy happy playing in the snow this week. All the melted snow made our pool level rise, so he has been sitting in the middle of the pool cover, just knowing we couldn't get to him... oh boy.

Bethany and I love to do things with the pups on Sundays, so more pictures later today... Seamus is getting ready for his first puppy dog show next week! We canNOt wait to see how he does. He is a very shy momma's boy. 

We have some loyal golden retriever followers like Pam and Shelley-- thanks guys, I know I can count on you to check in! Love your Rio and Rosie.....Go check out their blogs!

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday. It is 63 degrees here, and heavenly.


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  1. love the wekend puppy updates! puppy power!

  2. That boy gets cuter every week! My heart just melts looking at that fact all the dogs are darling. Thank you so much for the mention! We love our goldens!
    Enjoy those warm temps! We are supposed to reach around 55 here!

  3. It is just amazing to my how fast puppies grow. He is just adorable.

  4. These dogs are just too dang cute and always make me smile!!

  5. Aww, all those babies are so cute! I can imagine what a hit they are at the playground! Rio had a great time in the snow yesterday, and we're in for warm temps this week, ugh...muddy feet! Thanks for the sweet shout out!

  6. I definitely think that my 6 month old is a smooth coat version of your puppy.. I love it!!


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