Monday, March 4, 2013

The Power of Three

Mom has always believed that groupings look best with elements of threes.  A rule of thumb she's often practiced in client homes over the years and definitely displayed throughout her own home.

I've always struggled with this concept because I naturally have an affection for even numbers.  I always performed better at horse shows when my entry number was an even one, and I always pick even numbers for luck.  I even go so far as to make sure the temperature dials in my car are ALWAYS set to an even number.  Quirky? Maybe.  Does it work for me? Yep.

But there's something to this odd number theory.  Artwork, plants, baskets and repetitive elements seem to look really crisp in threes.  Have a look.


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  1. Love all of these rooms. It's such a true guideline and yet I always struggle with it because of my ocd need for balance.

  2. We learn about the 'power of three' in design school! It's amazing the impact a simple little trick can have, love it. I do think that sometimes rules are meant to be broken though ;) !

  3. Very pretty photos to prove your point, you have me looking around!

  4. I think its powerful...three does make a statement. I love all these images and pinned quite a few.

  5. Odd numbers are the key!! Love all of these!
    Gorgeous, ;)Karolyn

  6. I agree with the threes and I love all the photos!

  7. Sometimes Mom is right! Great round-up Bethany!

  8. Bethany I agree , Three seems to balance out a grouping and is the perfect number.

    I have always heard that even in floral arrangements one should use 5 or 7 stems etc!

    Come and visit when you have a moment....

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  9. I'm completely a believer in odd numbers for display. I love to see 3 or 5. There needs to be a center. LOVE these example photos!!

  10. Lovely examples! I am a firm believer in the power of 3 too! 3 as a minium 5 as a max.

  11. I can only relate to landscaping, and it is always odd. I just ordered some hydrangeas, and it was either 7 or 9, I can't remember.

  12. A agree that displaying items in threes (or odd numbers) is visually more pleasing, and these are great examples for illustrating your point.
    Thanks for sharing, Bethany,
    ~ Wendi

  13. ooo I love these photos! I have always liked 3s or even 5s...but now and then just to be a renegade...I will put two of something...and then I change it

  14. We're on the same boat Bethany, I like even, although looking at this picture kinda makes me want to do 3's too!


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