Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ceiling love

We adore ceiling treatments over here at Powell Brower Interiors. Whether it's wallpapered grasscloth:


painted or papered stripes:


a soothing hue of paint:


Melanie Turner's amazing striped bedroom ceiling:

or this metallic gold or silver leaf.

Whether matte or glossy, it can be most affective in solidifying the color scheme 


or adding an element of  surprise in a room.  It's  that "je ne sais quoi" ('I don't know what'), the designer's touch, a visual statement of bringing the ceiling down,  making it heighten, or making it cozy. Bethany's master bedroom was a fun treatment and added depth and dimension to the space.

I always say rugs are 'pictures for floors' so ceiling treatments must be like jewelry ('room candy') or a beautiful hat or beautifully coiffed hair.  What do you think? Have you painted your ceiling lately? I say let's do it! 


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  1. I love thoughtfully painted ceilings. They look so much more finished.

  2. Love my nailhead ceiling in the dining room, but I've never painted one, I'm thinking it would add some pizzazz to my tiny entry!

  3. My ceilings are painted, but I'm loving that grasscloth!

  4. As a non-designer, I often forget about the ceiling, but a good treatment can really make you take note. Important to remember.

  5. Ceilings are the 5th Wall! I have had our painted in past homes...loved it!

  6. I dream in metallic! I love every room here, and am dying to grasscloth a ceiling.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. I love the grass cloth on the ceiling....have you noticed how expensive wallpaper is....Grass cloth is a hundred a roll..... Yikes!

  8. indeed...never ignore 1/5 of your room!

  9. I so want to try the ceiling paint you have in Bethany's room but I'm dreading the work (painted ceiling once before and vowed not to do it again)! But who knows, all this inspiration is giving! me a bit more boost :-)

  10. wao!! I love the grasscloth and the gold/silver one! I think the ceiling can really finish the room and tie it all together. The only ceiling I ever painted was the one in my powder....but this has made think bigger and bolder!

  11. I love so many of these. It really is a smashing surprise.


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