Thursday, February 21, 2013

Zinc Textiles

Zinc Textiles, launched in 2010, is one of the 5 collections of fabric and wallcoverings line in the Romo Group. Are you familiar with them?

We just received some marketing materials from Romo and they are refreshingly different. Zinc was launched in 2010 as their provocative, luxurious modern graphic line.  Their Runway Line honors the fashion illustrator Rene Gruau, who for seven decades was the illustrator of choice for YSL, Lanvin, Hermes, Vogue, Givenchy and Christian Dior.

These large graphic prints are so unique and printed on 'silk so fluid they could hang in the wardrobe as well as the window'. What a cool idea. I know a few decorators who would love to incorporate this into their repertoire.

Their textiles cross the boundary between fashion and decor.  "Oversized boucle weaves hint at the legendary Chanel suit" their catalog says.

Their Nomad Collection hints at tatoos and nomadic textures, burnished metallics and exotic animal skins.

Romo has beautiful fabrics and wall coverings like this line of geometric weaves

or these geometric cut velvets.

Other  brands in this group are Mark Alexander, Black Edition where you can find wide width sheers and tie dyes like these,

and the brands Villa Nova and Kirby Designs. It's great fun looking through these collections. 

I currently have fabrics on the brain since I'm trying to decide on a pattern for a window treatment in my One Room Challenge! We spent hours this weekend looking at fabrics in great to feel the 'hand' of the fabric, see the scale and color saturation in person! But the Romo Group is worth getting to know! You can always request samples!


See you tomorrow for Week 3 ORC update!

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  1. Cool new resource! I had not heard the name. Thanks for the intro.

  2. Gorgeous, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting fabrics so this is one I will be checking out!

  3. Never heard of this collection ... and I love the fun!!! The MEN on the couch ... and the last photo of the bold stripes ... LOVE!! xo

  4. Crap! It looks like it is only available to the trade. I need to become part of the trade.

  5. Wow good to know about a new resource!

  6. Very nice! Definitely worth checking out. Thanks for the intro!

  7. Goodness, you may be aware that I love pattern and saturated color, so these fabrics are very appealing to me!

  8. Ooooh! Very fun collection,

  9. Romo has a great collection of cutting edge fabrics. I'm in love with the oversized boucle weave. The style is classic but the colours are so fresh and unexpected. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your new window treatments!
    ~ Wendi

  10. oh my the chairs are incredible!

  11. Never heard of it, thanks for the intro Nancy,with the samples you have here and the ones your just saw I bet the one you chose for your laundry room is perfect. :-)

  12. I was vaguely familiar with some of the prints, which I thought were pretty cool when I'd seen them. I love the one's you've introduced here. I love finding fresh new takes on fabric!


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