Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Puppy Update

Gibbs is 13 weeks and another inch and 1/2 taller and 5 pounds heavier.  Take a look at this week! He loves to pose for the camera.

He and cousin Seamus just like to bite and wrestle.

 I did a drawing of Gibbs to add to my living room gallery wall of animal drawings.

Here he is getting a bath this week.  One thing for sure puppies love rain and mud. Me, not so much. At least the muddy horses and the mess down at our barn don't come in our house, but the dogs do, so it's tough, isn't it? Have you been dealing with muddy paws?

Still absolutely worth it.  Hope you're having a nice weekend friends! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. What a handsome boy! I love seeing him grow. But it makes me miss my boy Tucker, he was a very blonde Golden. Golden Retrievers really are the best dogs. Enjoy him!

  2. I love your drawing of Gibbs, just perfect! His personality just shows in your picture Nancy, you really SEE him for who he is, simply precious. Happy Sunday!

  3. Your drawing is amazing, Nancy! I love his masculine head and broad nose. Rio got a bath last week, I use baby shampoo, nothing better than the smell of a baby after their bath! :)

  4. He is already so big! What a cutie! I love the drawing you did of him - you are so talented! Yes, I have been dealing with muddy paws. I just wiped them off about 10 minutes ago...and now she wants to go out again!

  5. Love your drawing...your so talented! He is so cute and big!

  6. Cute little fluffball! He's growing so fast, Nancy!
    Yes, we had rain last week so there was mud tramped in everywhere.
    The shorties not so much, but Bruce likes to romp and dig in the mud.
    Your drawing is wonderful, we have our dog portraits as well. My dad drew ours- I am talentless in that area.
    Have you done Bethany's pups, too?

  7. He is adorable!!! The drawing is really great too!

  8. Nancy - If I ever make it out to your place, I'll be dog-napping Gibbs!! I'm sure Panda and Mocha wouldn't mind having such a handsome younger brother. And we'll take Seamus, too :)
    PS - Awesome drawing!! You've captured his baby face perfectly. Love it!!!

  9. Ah Nancy, so cute! They are a pain, but you are right, worth every minute!! Your drawing is beautiful ... such talent you have!! xo

  10. So stinking cute! Why can't they just stay that way :)

  11. Oh my! The pups are so gorgeous! I especially love where it looks like one has his mouth wrapped around the other's head! So adorable!

  12. Your Gibbs is beautiful. We are a biased Golden family. Our Andy is our third Golden. I love Gibbs expression and handsome color. Andy is very light and is muddy all the time these days, one problem with having a warmer winter. We have to hose his lower half down after trail walks, yuck!


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