Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Puppy Update- 11 weeks

Andy Gibbs ( Bethany has dubbed him a Bee Gee)

Gibbs just got a bath, so his coat is particularly fuzzy in these shots.  At 11 weeks he has not grown in height this week, but we see his skills improving greatly.  He brings us his bowl when he finishes his food, or when it is meal time, he is running faster and noticeably getting stronger.
He is using the pool cover as a trampoline, hoping to punch it low enough to play in the standing water..oh boy.
He is outgrowing his 'starter' crate, and a new big boy crate is in order.  
Gibbs brings us so much joy and is the best entertainment around currently.
Nicky keeps him at bay with sharp growls if he gets too close, but basically they are co-habitating.
We counted 14 toys in our family room...he is really biting alot, so these provide sufficient distraction for the time being!
We're off to the Brower household today to do some design work for clients, and he will have a playdate with Seamus.  (that guarantees sound sleep later!)

Have a wonderful day, and prayers to you all if you are caught in Winter Storm Nemo!
Here in Virginia we have no snow, mild temps and 25 mph winds, that gusted over 40 all night long.
Stay safe and warm.


  1. Yes, playdates are great for exhausting those pups! He is so adorable. I just want to reach through the computer and snuggle that cutie! Regarding the snow, we got about 6 inches here in New Jersey. My "snow dog" has been in and out all morning! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Cute puppy. I don't know where you find the energy. That wind is keeping me indoors as much as possible today.

  3. Gibbs looks like he just got a frizzy perm :) So, so cute. I love that first photo: whatcha looking at?? Have a good one, Nancy!!

  4. Oh Gibbs has such a sweet face. Have fun on the puppy date. Thanks for the update on Gibbs, Nancy!

  5. Nobody gets too much love anymore...just sayin'

  6. What a precious pup!!! I love his fuzzy baby hair. Makes me want a puppy around here!

  7. Oh My! That face! How do you stand it?

  8. Aww, nothing like a sweet baby after a bath! :) I still use Johnson's Baby Shampoo on Rio! :)


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