Friday, January 18, 2013


I don't care how showy, pretentious and sometimes douchey these people can be, I am straight-up addicted to Million Dollar Decorators.  This is like how more seasoned decorators must've felt when HGTV initially came out... (remember Trading Spaces?)

Can you imagine how the conversation would go when you tell your client how much De Gournay wallpaper will set them back?

Or how about when Jeffrey Alan Marks had to tell his client to triple the budget for her 'catalog' only reno, because he wanted more built-ins and custom builders options.

It's absolute porn for the decor-minded.  And I love indulging in Mary's tantrums.  And how 'bout her killer sculpted arms?

I love Kathryn Ireland's sweet lisp and flare for French Provencal life. I'd like to nestle in with some wine and Jaqueline at KI's home.

I love Martyn's accent and ostentation.  And almost every celeb home he ever did. Especially Ellen Pompeo's.

I love Mary and Nathan's kinship. They look so young here.  

But I think Jeffrey Alan Mark's speaks my visual language.  I die a little inside every time I see a snippet of his home.  

Who's your favorite MDD?


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  1. Okay ... this is so sad ... I haven't seen it at all!!! I am going to have to sit down and catch up!! I know I would love it! xo

  2. Did you know that HGTV passed on Trading Spaces and it went to TLC? Design on a Dime was the HGTV answer to that epic fail of a pass. I love JAM, and agree that his aesthetics are the most pleasing to me, too. Although, I need a splash of Marry mixed in.

  3. I better get on board ~ I've never watched it! Sounds like I'd love the drama!

  4. I haven't been able to watch at all this season and I love it! That's what happens when you live in a house full of men who dominate the family room tv! I love Mary McDonald!

  5. Bethany, I'm with you ADDICTED to MMD! I love JAM's aesthetic. Martyn's creations are genius. (I actually paused twice to study the centerfold bedroom he designed.) Mary is the best at mixing elements and her mind works so fast! And, Katheryn is the tops at being entertaining. I can't get enough of MMD and wish the season was prolonged.

  6. I need to start watching the show!! I'm completely out of the loop. I just barely have time to watch TV....I do make times on Sunday for the Good wife which I love....but I need to start watching this!!

  7. I love Nathan...but I think it's because the others scare me...I feel like I could actually talk to him and he wouldn't turn and stomp off in a snit :)

  8. I don't watch it anymore becuase it's a little over the top for me (and I'm not a designer so it's hard to relate for me). But I totally understand the addiction...just the budgets alone are staggering. It's fun to dream about spending all that money! :)

    Have a great weekend Bethany!


  9. As a designer and just a polite person I must respectfully disagree. I feel that they scare the average person off and isnt the average person the client most of us are dealing with? But there is no denying their design talent even if they are obnoxious human beings.


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