Monday, January 7, 2013

Key elements this year...

We are seeing alot of trend predictions these days, but besides Bethany's post the other day, one of the best descriptions on the topic comes from House and Home TV.  The experts talk about these points in 2013:

1. Bringing Nature Inside.  Brilliant of course, but more attention to things like Nano doors and windows, brickwork in entrys, knobs made of rocks, and the like.  I love it.

2. Quiet Luxury. I feel it. You take a well decorated room and inject gloriously made items, luxury details (like bar carts, cashmere throws), add a few investment pieces, embellishments and layers of lavish details.

3. Fear less Mixing.  This is making  traditional or conventional decor YOUNG, as in our Decor Styles post on Updating any Style.  Color can make the most up-to-date improvement. Try some bold new colors, or, try mixing  patterns you would have shied away from previously.

4. Simple Standing.  This is the process of editing and curating what you have. "Less is more". This involves a look that is slightly " unfinished", where very little color is used, and the colors of putty and neutral hues prevail.

It all boils down to personal style of course.  Do you have any changes in store in the New Year? We'd love to help you figure out your style or help you make minor or major changes. Start with an eboard and let us show you a new or alternative design plan for your space!

Nancy and Bethany



  1. I love the natural "outdoor" elements inside. They are immediate warmth and texture. Something I seem to crave!! xo

  2. Those doors opening up to that pool..... dreamy!

  3. You never see those doors in homes on the East Coast. I would love them, but between the humidity and snow...they would probably never be opened.

  4. I love the windows and art here! Such beautiful rooms, and thanks for the tips.
    Happy New Year, Nancy and Bethany!

  5. You know, I'm trying to be true to what I love this year and not get so caught up in trends and Pinterest "looks". I've always loved the idea of bring a bit of nature indoors - always instantly relaxes a space. Happy New Year, ladies!

  6. These are all trends to embrace - even more than trends, they feel like lifestyle choices for the long run.
    Have a great week!

  7. I've got the fearless mixing down to the wire!

  8. I'm into mixing patterns already, will post our living room in my blog soon. :-)

  9. I like the direction things seem to be headed for this year. I'm a huge fan of bringing the outdoors in. We live near the mountains and a lake and it's heaven to be able to see all of that when you're indoors.

  10. Love all the ideas you have shown in particular nano walls and, of course, nature themed hardware. I think our pieces certainly fit the bill! Thanks for the inspiration

  11. Simply great!! Love mixing and I also love the Quiet Luxury. What wonderful images!!

    :) Karolyn- The Relished Roost

  12. I'm loving the fearless mixing, and bring nature in ~ interesting trends!

  13. These are all great trends as well....I love the idea of curating and investment pieces. I would rather have one good thing than many smaller inexpensive ones.

  14. Great trends Bethany! Yes, lots of design styles mixed together is huge and I love the look!!!



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