Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Achromatic what?

You've heard of MONOCHROMATIC rooms, using only one color like this:

and you've heard of COMPLEMENTARY color schemes, where the colors are opposite of one another on a color wheel:

But have you heard of ACHROMATIC   color schemes?  These are schemes that only use black and white.  This look is growing in popularity lately. I'm guessing it stems from the origins of an all white room where some dark contrast is added to warm it up.

My new fav is black and white and gold which further breaks up the starkness and adds warmth.  Simulated gold is also shown in natural elements like baskets and wood tones.

I'm seeing this trend more and more. Erika at Small Shop did a piece on achromatic dining rooms...Do you see this trend infusing into todays room designs?  Are you using it yet?



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  1. I love it!! but I haven't done it! You know me and my need for color. But Black and White can be so warm especially with the gold tones!

  2. I do like the look but had never heard the term. I don't think I could be trusted not to start sneaking in a bit of pink or something.

  3. I have always loved black and is timeless!

  4. Great post, Nancy. Although I am the colorful type of guy, I always adore the amazing achromatic rooms in interior mags. Especially the Scandinavians execute that style in perfection!

  5. hehe, love the trend. Classic, clean and elegant. I recently did it in a living/dining room design:

  6. I'm in love with achromatic trends! It's so classic. Great inspiration :)

  7. I love the crisp look of black/white, especially with lush green accents, but it will never happen in my home! Two words- dog hair.
    How's the puppy?
    Hugs, Tina

  8. Obsessed with all things black and white- I've done too many posts on it to count!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  9. I adore looking at all white and black and white...I really really like it..but unless I lived in the city, I just could not live with it for long.

    I am crazy enough as it is

  10. I am TOTALLY on board with the black and white theme! Is that top room really ALL white wow!

    Ali of:

  11. Black and white are glamorous!!


  12. Your room looks awesome compared to mine which is like 5 star hotel to a hut.


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