Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fake it till you make it - Faux Bois

I know you've probably seen plenty of this FAUX BOIS this year, but have you ever seen a home with straight-up untreated plywood?  This home designed by Architect Nick Noyes is chock full of the stuff. What do you think?

I personally think he's brave!

But back to the faux bois.  Do you like it on a tea pot?

Or in this pattern on Quadrille fabric?

Or on a rug?

Or as wallpaper?

Do you like it on a box?
Do you like it on a fox?

Or not at all?



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  1. I love Faux biox. Have you seen that tree table painted gold? It isn't faux, but I really like it.

  2. I like it on a box AND a Fox!! The rug and the fabric are my favorites. The only thing I have to say about the plywood is that I hope it is sanded ... Interesting to look at ... but I don't want to touch it!! xo

  3. Love, love love! Trying to figure out where I can add some to my house, not sure I am brave enough for the straight up plywood!

  4. I am on the fence about this but the last wallpaper could convince me!

  5. I am generally a "no" on this one but I have seen a few pieces that I liked.

  6. Not sure about the plywood. I don't object to the pattern but I think it should have been treated somehow to alter it; bleaching, staining, liming, something like that. In it's natural state, it has an "under construction" language that's a little unsettling. I think it might be improved with proper casings though.

  7. Hmmm, I can ALMOST buy into the plywood, but not quite. Just looks unfinished to me. I could definitely go for the teapot or the rug!

  8. It's a commitment...seems like a guy thing too. Maybe not so much for me. But hey I'd take the rug in a heartbeat! I haven't been here in a while those dream spaces are SO GREAT! Happy Holidays Bethany and Nancy!

  9. I don't always like it, but I love that rug! As far as the plywood walls go, I wouldn't do it in my house, but I do think it's pretty cool. It adds a lot of visual texture.

  10. I think the plywood is kinda cool - I've seen it as flooring and it looks good. My husband would hate it, and since he lives here too, it probably won't be happening in The Dollhouse.

  11. I love the rug, and really do like the wallpaper, definitely better than the real thing straight up on the walls.

  12. I agree he is brave. I like it but think I would get tired of it fast on the walls. I love the rug. You can get Faux Bois wrapping paper at Homegoods in all kinds of fun colors this season! - Brandy

  13. You asked, so here it is! NO! I did like the rug because it resembles an animal print. I do think that it is creative, and I am certain many will like it.
    Happy Wednesday.

  14. Faux Bois is everywhere right now! I'm loving the rug, not sure how I feel about the "plywood" look, but I've seen other variances of faux bois on the walls and it looks spectacular!


  15. I like faux bois in general, I'd be all for a real wood on the walls stained to bring out the grain. The plywood, though? I just can't get behind it. It looks unfinished and a bit lazy to me (ugh, I know that's harsh, but...). Still liking faux bois, though!


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