Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dream Space Series : Because It's Awesome!

Today we have the awesome Tobe Reed from Because It's Awesome. She is weighing in on her favorite looks for us in her dream home.  We all love Tobe's good taste, spunky personality and wonderful ideas on decorating, fashion, lifestyles, events, and all things fun and fabulous. Hop on over and check out her blog.

Hello! Tobe from Because It's Awesome here talking dream homes. No easy feat for a girl that's attracted to every decor style under the sun, but we'll give it a shot! When I take the time to really think about it, I really have a thing for quaint California Spanish-style bungalows, so that's where we're going today.

You know it's going to be crisp, comfortable and casual from the moment you walk in.


Cozy colorful living room.

Nails kitchen.

(Don't worry; we're changing out the granite soon.)

Dreamy master bedroom.

Secured the dream master bath, naturally.

Where we'd entertain:

Dining room with maja drama.

Cocktails (or tea . . . booooring) in the sun room.

Saturday brunches and late night dinners on the patio.

We'd DEFINITELY be sportin one of these.

And even though I love the neighbors dearly, you'll have to take the bridge to their place.

Thanks for having me, Nancy and Bethany! ox

And thank you Tobe for visiting with us!  We love your dreams!

-Nancy & Bethany

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  1. Very nice and a few of those images were new to me. Not an easy feat. I love the living room's mix of fabrics.

  2. Excellent choices (of course). I'll be hopping the bridge for that cocktail around 5.

  3. Beautiful home....always love to see the pictures over and over! Inspiration gained, each and every time, I see them.

  4. California Spanish style bungalows are my very favorite type of home. This one is a real beauty. That stairway is to die for.

  5. What beautiful photos. The first entry/hallway is really stunning. I love the way the little arched door just beckons to the rooms beyond. And what I wouldn't do for a pergola covered terrace - divine!

  6. Fabulous choices, I'd be happy there, too!

  7. This is a beautiful post. Love all of the images! Want the nightstand, please.
    Hope that you are having a great week, and thank you for the congrats. Aren't I lucky?!

  8. need that wine cellar!! and the patio! Beautiful choices.

  9. Tobe's home is fabulous. I adore all of the black accents; it really pops!

    Thanks Bethany and Nancy!

    2012 Artists Series,

  10. that wine cellar alone will probably convince my husband we need to rebuild an entire house just so we can have something similar. it's amazing.

  11. i love both of Tobe's dream homes. interesting to see she kept the same master bedroom, but completely changed her entry!

  12. I'd gladly hang out here. Can we paint that pattern on your dining room floor for real?


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