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Decorating Styles PART V: Updating any Style

Decorating Styles 

    by Powell Brower Home 

During the last few days, Mom has covered a host of different styles.  We've covered Traditional, Contemporary, Eclectic and Country.  This theme could continue for weeks - getting more granular with Coastal, Vintage, Bohemian and everything in between.  But that's going too far down the rabbit hole   I'd like to wrap this up and talk about how all of these themes blend into personal style. Any one of these attributes can personalize your look:

The most popular styles today seem to be transitional and eclectic.  Less of a commitment to one particular style over another and more friendly towards blending different styles.  Our friendster and taste-maker Christine of the glamorous Bijou and Boheme aptly said she despised the word eclectic.  We really associated with that comment, not because we despise the word, but because I feel like we limit ourselves when we label everything.

Boho Chic.  Vintage Modern.  Modern English (no wait, that's a band).  Rustic Traditional.  Farmhouse Glam.  Tailored Coastal. Equestrian Prep

The funny thing is, with ubiquity of blogs and the affordability the DIY scene has provided, almost all styles nowadays are collected, contrived, mixed and eclectic at some level.  Craigslist and eBay makes high-style accessible.  The world is adapting a varied style and we, as evolved human beings, are less likely to follow one style 'blindly'.  We appreciate more, we like a variety of things and we break rules.  Decorating rules can be outdated, just like the no-white after Labor Day rule!  Specifically the rule about not mixing finishes or old with new.  Some rules beg to be broken. Lonny did a great article on which rules to break here.  One of the telltale signs of someone who is timid in design is matchy-matchy.  It shows a lack of individuality to their decor.

Popular designers like Nate Berkus and Emily Henderson have made their names by popularizing a collected look on the average wo[man's] salary. Mom recently quoted a super-poignant article pointing out that America hasn't been this obsessed with decor since the 1950's. When women primped and fluffed their homes and spent their days making it suitable for receiving company.  But design is more affordable and approachable than it's ever been.

We are here because we love style.  We constantly hone our own style.  And we appreciate the style of many different categories.  We're in the midst of a movement focused on mixing old and new and the voyage to find one's personal style.  This personalization movement even carries over to food.  The emphasis being put on buying local and buying handmade.  Even fair-trade.  A deeper connection to our nourishment and surroundings and an appreciation for unique.

              Part V: Updating any style

Have you ever walked into a home and thought "Oh my God, this home is decorated to the nine's.  But probably about 10 years out of date."  We can really appreciate the time and effort that went into feathering a nest, but everyone needs a little updating now and then.

One of the best ways to do that is by researching and implementing current color schemes.  

The addition of relevant fabrics will dial up any room to current almost immediately. Pillows are the easiest thing to add!

Paying attention to trends in metal hardware.  Just about five years ago, the decor world heaved a sigh of relief when they finally finished updating all of the shiny golden brass fixtures to stainless steel and brushed nickel.  But knock knock, it's BAAAAACK!  This time the focus is on the less in-your-face polished brass finish and more of it's subtle cousin, brushed brass or gold tones.  It can be exhausted to keep up, not to mention bank-breaking.  

Jewelry and accessories will always bring a simple black dress up to date like adding luxe finishes will do.  Some glass tile here, new lighting or some stylish mirrors there will really play it up.

But above all else, be true to what you like when you attempt to update your home.  Real Simple put out a great article about looking for a unifying theme in the things you already have and making it work.

Now that your brains are sufficiently fried - happy weekend to you all!



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  1. The hardware on that fridge is just amazing.

  2. I'm going to need that last kitchen. Great, thanks. And I agree, I'm "eclectic" only because I can't afford to start from scratch! And I have small children and an appropriately messy lifestyle right now. I adore the look of white linen couches and greige pillows with perfectly styled coffee tables and edited vignettes at every turn. With cream carpets, of course, and all white linens. Oh I can't even imagine how quickly that would turn bad. Peanut butter and jelly on everything within five minutes! ha!

  3. Its funny that you mention homes very carefully decorated but outdated. I have several neighbors that live in the style I call 90s roccoco, that very ornate style with jewel toned walls and fabric. Unfortunately, I think they would need more than pillows to undo the frou-frou look.

  4. Now this is one more dose of pretty! I have really enjoyed this series of posts!
    Happy Friday.

  5. Great post, B! Couldn't agree more.

  6. These images are all beautiful! loving these rooms

  7. What a great post. I think being true to yourself in decorating is sooooo important. I think one of the problems with the blog world is that there are so many homes that look exactly the same because we see diy projects that are easy and accessible. I always have to remind myself that it might be beautiful but it might also not be me and I don't need to feel like I"m a design nerd if I don't jump on board.

  8. Great series.....trying to update my own would be easy if I didn't have a budget!

  9. Great post with tons of helpful info., Bethany!
    Hope you have a terrific wknd. xo

  10. You put a lot of work into that series...well done! I must say I love that brass is back...I never said goodbye...I love mixing all the metals all the time!!

  11. Great series, ladies ~ I think Bethany has her blogging mojo back big time! :)

  12. You've hit the nail on the head Bethany! Great article!


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