Thursday, November 8, 2012

Decorating Styles Part IV: Eclectic

Decorating Styles 

    by Powell Brower Home 

By now you've figured out you may be Traditional, Contemporary or Country, with all their trendy additional names, but what if you are NONE of those?  Then my guess is you are ECLECTIC in your decorating tastes.  That means you like something of each style, all pulled together.  It doesn't really work well if you just collect and buy without a plan, so first and foremost with this style is to 1. start with a plan (an eboard, for example) and 2. pick a color scheme.  You may take inspiration from these interiors:

                         Part IV:  Eclectic


These are fairly extreme examples, even cluttered. "Eclectic"can also be simple:

As you can see, there's a pattern -big play on words- with these rooms.  Eclectic style is:

  • bold
  • vibrant
  • globe trotting
  • tribal, ethnic
  • bohemian
  • mix of patterns
  • whimsical
  • mixture of all styles 
  • comfortable
  • working environment, not 'untouchable'
  • unmatched, collected pieces
  • timeless
Some suggestions to help you make some sense out of an eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories is to start with a neutral backdrop and just add color in your accents; style areas that give the eye a rest from the busy-ness of the other parts of the room, as in a console table vignette. You want your room to look fun and evocative, not chaotic. Real Simple has some good tips on this subject.  

From your comments on the other parts of the series, it sounds like many of you are traditional with some eclectic mixed in.  Let's see tomorrow how we pull all the styles together and make any style up-to-date.

Is your style eclectic?



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  1. I love simple eclectic looks because they look so real and collected.

  2. That's me all the way - eclectic with some tradition sprinkled in there. :)

  3. we have it! I am Transitional, with a small hint of Traditional, and a wee bit of Ecletic ( globe trotting, whimsical) thrown in! So in reality I am me!

  4. Though I don't love the actual word, I'm ALL about eclectic how layered and collected it is!

  5. Add Simple Eclectic to my style, along with the others! :)

  6. this was pin heaven for yes I'm an ecclectic!!

  7. I am definitely part of this one the most. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  8. Eclectic to me is bringing everything you love together, no matter the style, and kind of making it all jive together. I love when someone's home seamlessly brings different styles together and makes it work!

  9. I'm a little bit country...I'm a little bit rock n roll... Ha! I think I definitely fit in the eclectic category! These images are the ones that speak the most to me. Thanks for such a fun series!


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