Friday, August 10, 2012

Art by Chihuly

 I recently posted about an
art tour at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, in Richmond, VA.  Coming this October 20 to the VMFA is one of my all time favorite artists, Dale Chihuly. The VMFA sent me an email today inviting the public to view a Chihuly installation in the outdoor pond at the museum.  I would have loved to watch that, given more notice.  

Dale Chihuly is a glass artist of reknown and his love of color, size, scale have me mystified.

See the artist at work:

He has revolutionized the Studio Glass Movement turning a craft into fine art.  His studio is in Seattle, Washington. 

I love his amoebic forms, the liquidity of the glass, the whole concept of sand and is totally cool.

His Basket series involves forms inside of forms:

 Floats and Reeds are in pools all over the world.

His chandeliers are in museums, gardens, select homes, and even suspended over canals in Venice.

His Seaform series is pure beauty:

Doesn't this talent just blow you away? Happy Friday friends!

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  1. Wow. Amazing creations. This is art in it's finest form! xo

  2. One word, spectacular! I love glass art, and this work is superior!
    Have a great weekend, Nancy and Bethany.

  3. It amazes me to see glass like that and know that the artist cannot touch the medium as its being created.

  4. We had that exhibit in STL and it was incredible. I could have admired it all day long! Have a great weekend ladies!!

  5. I love Chilhuly! I saw an exhibit of his in Atlanta many years ago and it is amazing how and what he creates!!

  6. Nancy, I'm currently working on the committee for the annual auction supporting the school of glass art- The Pilchuck School - that Dale founded North of Seattle. It's wonderful to see the legacy of what he started in our region continuing with many gifted artists. Dale was actually a patient of my Father (who is a retired Dentist) and once paid him with one of his earliest works. It looks nothing like the ethereal pieces he creates today!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. What a cool story! I love something more on our level, than just looking at his website. Best of luck with the auction-what a worthy goal.

  7. Simply amazing! Have a great weekend!

  8. These are incredible. I think he might have a studio on the River Walk in San Antonio..if not, someone near like this is just beautiful!

  9. Hi, Nancy - Dale Chihuly is pure genius!! I've followed many of his exhibitions and works, including his phenomenal installation at Kew Gardens a few years ago. His dazzling chandelier at the V&A is breathtaking. I didn't know about the upcoming show in Richmond. So, so looking forward to it!! Thanks 4 sharing ;-)

  10. OH BOY....Those chandeliers are FANTASTIC....

  11. funny, I just posted about one of his most famous works - the glass flower chandy over at the Bellagio!! Have fun!!!!

  12. Love his seaform images~! Such beauty in all his pieces. I would love to see one of his chandeliers.


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