Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cats and Decorating

Archimedes lounges in the entryway.

Josie is always bringing mulch into the house; thankfully no dead animals (yet).

Arch loves to play in open boxes.

Did I mention what they've done to new sofa and chairs?  added their 'decorative' touch!

Can't live with them or without them! Hope your animals are behaving, and enhancing your life!
Have a great weekend.


                      Thanks to and Drawings design by Los Angeles Media And Blogs Molly Brandenburg.

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  1. There very cute, but I would die if they destroyed my furniture.

  2. I am a doggie person, but kittens are cute, and I know that she makes your life even better.
    My Lady chewed the dining room table legs up when she was a puppy, so I know that I have no ability to harm an animal, lol.
    Happy Saturday.

  3. Cute cartoons, Nancy! Hope your weekend is enjoyable! xo

  4. Beautiful cats - love their stripes!

  5. My dogs add there own special touch to the decorating as well - usually in the form of mountains of shedded hair. It is a never ending battle to stay ahead of it.

  6. This the funniest thing ever! I love it! Hope you r enjoying your weekend girl!

  7. So sweet. I have outdoor farm cats, but none inside. My two dogs (chocolate labs) are inside. My girl Bailey rules the roost and my boy Bo is in charge outside. Both are very protective of me. And I love them!

    Have a great weekend.

  8. We have an indoor/outdoor cat that "adopted" us after we moved in almost 6 years ago. He mainly scratches my Persian rug much to my chagrin. We also have two golden retrievers, one of whom sheds a lot. And there are the never-ending muddy pawprints on our refinished hardwoods. Oh well. Seriously couldn't live without them though. Ah, the things we endure for the love of our beloved pets!

  9. These cartoons are so adorable and funny. This post made me chuckle, thanks for sharing!



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