Sunday, August 19, 2012

A peaceful Sunday

There seems to be a lot of negative "air" going around these days as neighbors, friends and loved ones are stricken with horrible diseases and fates.  My prayers go out to all those who are suffering and I wish you healing and peace and a smooth journey back to a healthful life.

Nancy and Bethany


  1. A lovely message first thing Sunday morning.

  2. I hate when things seem to happen in multiples around you. I do a daily devotional, Jesus Calling and today the message was to hand over the things we cannot control. That is always so hard for me but I hope this week yall have a little peace and a change in the "air."

  3. Girls ... thank you for the sweet image. I am dealing with my mom's failing health and I am trying desperately to keep the air around us all positive and healing. xo

  4. I often have to pause and give thanks for how healthy my family at the same time I say a little prayer for those who are suffering...there is plenty of that and it makes my heart hurt


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