Wednesday, August 22, 2012

big box stores hitting it out of the park...

Our friend, Beth at DesignPost Interiors, is featuring us today on her '5 Things' series where Mom and I are each weighing in on our 5 things that make us happy! Hop on over and check us out.

On a totally unrelated note, can you believe this is Pottery Barn?  

I know many a folk who believe Pottery Barn sold its soul a long time ago to the younger yups who now dress their homes in nothing but.  But I, for one, love a good PB find!  They could really be credited at making decor much more approachable and affordable for the average American household. I guess my point is that everything in moderation is good, and they do make some decent furniture. 

And how about this styling from Ikea?  Each piece is from IKEA!!  Amazing!

Ok, just one more.  World Market is also killin it with their new line of rugs and textiles!

Regardless of how you feel about them, the big box boys are definitely trending lately, with these new, super relevant, collections.  Their items are en pointe, even if they are a year or so behind the more visionary brands and I feel like the Global vibe is the new Hollywood Regency. Whatever the case, the results are fantastic and had me reeling!  


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. I love Ikea, and am so glad they are also going more ethnic. A good friend of mine (Nanacy) convinced me to buy a cowhide rug there! On a recent trip out west, we went to World Market the rugs in person are even better! That store is my most favorite of all. Pottery Barn...hmmm...once in a while I get lucky there.

  2. I used to think when the trends trickled down to big box stores where I can actually afford them, that I wouldn't want them anymore. But that's not the case so much anymore. Still love peacock mirrors and Beni rugs. Still kicking myself for not buying a peacock mirror from Pier 1 when they had them a while back. Z Gallerie has a more affordable version now too. Agree about the global/tribal/ethnic trend - huge. And World Market does a great job with it!

  3. Pottery Barn and other stores like it are great resources, maybe not for everything, but it would be short-sighted to rule them out entirely. I agree that they can be good on-trend items - and making them affordable for the average homeowner. Have a great day! Phyllis

  4. World Market is killing it! They keep getting better and better. And god bless IKEA. :)

  5. I've used World Market and Ikea for clients a lot lately, amazing prices! Although PB can style like no other, and I love looking through the catalog I don't usually find as much there.

  6. If it weren't for Pottery Barn, I would have a full closet full of monogrammed towels, lol! I agree, they really do have a lot to offer for a fair price.
    Headed over now.
    Have a great day!

  7. Yes to world market! And I wish there's an ikea in Milwaukee.

  8. I have been on a major World Market kick lately too! And thanks again for playing the "5 Things" game today!

  9. that mirror is knocking it out of my park!

  10. I think great style should be accessible to everyone, and that it shouldn't have a price! Plus, a little high and low in a home makes it personal and real. I say, if you find something at Pottery Barn (or Target, or anywhere) that you like, go for it.
    Popping over Design Post to see your five things...

  11. Despite the "sell out" I still go to PB for the basics and occasionally they do get those beautiful quirky pieces ( e.g. Rope lamps and that fab mirror) . Nothing beats ikea for a quick dose of cheap decor boost wether it be pillows or fabrics or any other kitschy stuff! I so miss this store very much, I think. I'm actually going thru withdrawal right now with all the good things in their new catalog! As for world market, a big ' yey' always, so many cool ethnic stuff there at a much better price than PB!

  12. I love big box stores for the sort of thing that is fun and trendy but also for accent furniture. The accent pieces tend to be of decent quality. The only thing I won't buy from a big box is upholstery.

  13. All the stores mentioned are fun and can be great for unbelievable finds. Restoration Hardware used to be, but has gone a little out of my price range. I still love Z Galleria and West Elm. Love the "sale" sections. I have found great items over the years in the back of the store!

  14. I agree wholeheartedly! I've always enjoyed looking at Pottery Barn catalogs, and the recent styling in the Ikea catalog knocked it out of the park. RH? Well, there's one that's gone off the deep end for me.


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