Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Room Challenge : Week 4 Update

We're rounding third base in the One Room Challenge!

In the past week, we've finished stripping the corbels.

coated in stripper

"do not rush the stripper" says the can

still have some scraping to do

almost there….

I purchased new shades for my lamps.  I loved all of your feedback and in truth, the quatrefoil shades with the piping were my faves too, but at $110 PER SHADE I decided to be smart and forego the fancy dancy shades.  I picked up these when I went to the lampery to get my hardwired light for the room.

While I love the texture and they brighter light they produce, they look SO plain on my Waterford crystal lamps as compared to my black paper shades with gold lining.  I'm thinking of adding some piping myself, because after all, these heirloom lamps deserve some pearls too.  Maybe I'll add some chocolate piping that made these guys so magical.

We also stripped the legs of the ottoman.  

Then we started to reupholster it.

Here it is, stripped of its chipping paint and previous fabric.

Thank God for Moms that can sew!  She really came through for me, but not without some minor headbutting on sewing corners and a few comments about how particular I am.  Despite our difference of opinion, I am so appreciative of her help and am thrilled with how they turned out.  Although we both agreed that we should have sent it to our workroom. 

But boy does it look 100% better than before!

I also had my ceiling medallion and light installed.  

And the fabric for the curtains finally arrived and now I sit patiently waiting to hear back from our workroom to see if they can still make the August 1st deadline on the roman shade and the curtains.  If not, I'm sure I can just photograph the room with hanging, unfinished, fabric so you get the idea.  I'm not going to lose too much sleep over this.

As things progress quite nicely, the only snag so far has been my rug.  It's nowhere to be found and the store I ordered it from can't even find it!  Crossing my fingers they didn't send it to some other poor soul.  Beni Ourains have a very particular following.

On a positive note, can you believe even Pottery Barn has benis now? And they look great!

Stay tuned for more progress next week.  And check out my fellow Challengers below, who are fearlessly tackling some major overhauls themselves!

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FLASH UPDATE : The rug is on backorder for two weeks!  The one they tried to ship out was in unsellable condition so they had to reorder another.  I won't make the deadline on the rug :(


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 Nancy and Bethany


  1. Why doesn't my mom sew? I keep telling my children how lucky they are that I will be able to sew for them!! You are coming along and I love the road you are headed down!!

  2. Everything looks amazing! The corbels look like a lot of work! And that ottoman is amazing! You had my laughing at the mother daughter comment. My Mom and I would have had the same exact conversation! :)

  3. Wow-
    You two have been burning the midnight oil! Love what you have done here and can't wait to see the finished room:).
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. Great progress. Can't wait to see the finish product.

  5. Things are looking great. Can't wait to see it finished.


  6. it gives me great pleasure to watch other people's progress...what a fun blog to read...looking GREAT!!!

  7. Love the ottoman! Nancy - thanks for the lovely comment yesterday!

  8. LOVING that ottoman and I am really into how you painted your ceiling and what a GREAT light fixture....I am very excited to see your big reveal! I think that having you and your Mom as a team in design, blogging and life is so wonderful too!

  9. LOOKING awez, B & Nancy! I am so jealous of those that can sew. I was in an accident years ago and lost a lot of my memory, which included my sewing abilities. I guess I still carry gruff over it and just need to pony up and RE-learn! Can't wait to see it all put together!!

  10. Great Team! Wonderful Life when Mom sews! I have enjoyed all the progress...Patty

  11. The ottoman looks fabulous Nancy, well done Mum!


    Paul XO

  12. Those corbels are fantastic. I hate stripping, so that stuff is good to know. As for your mom....good help is hard to find ;). The ottoman looks fantastic. I love that fabric for the windows. You can update us all whenever, we'll be back!

  13. Wow, love how the ottoman turned out! And that pendant lamp is so unique and pretty! Great progress! I've been following you through this ORC and I'm now your newest follower!

  14. That ottoman looks great! Good luck finding your rug... And that light fixture - I LOVE it!

  15. Wow!! Ottoman looks awesome!! Is that Quadrille?

  16. Oh my goodness, you (and your teammate) have accomplished so much! The ottoman is fabulous in that print! Keeping my fingers crossed for minimal snags this week! :)

  17. I love how your ottoman turned out. It's fabulous! Got to love a mom who can sew. My mom can sew but she is living across the globe so she can't help me with all the sewing projects. :)

    Your corbel looks very charming, by the way. The "do not rush the stripper" comment is quite funny if you think about it! LOL.

    Have a good day, ladies!


  18. Hi Nancy, Thanks so much for popping by yesterday - I'm so happy you did. Love your blog and am following. The ottoman here is pretty incredible. Great work!

  19. Ottoman turned out great!!! I am anxiously awaiting my fabric delivery...glad your stuff is coming together!!

  20. Everything looks fabulous!
    I am serious need of some perfect pink velvet or chenille. I see that it's Fratelli TeaRose, I found it for $55 yd and was wondering where you found it for less.
    Love everything you are doing!

    1. It's at Calico Corners for $44/yard. With a trade discount, its $37!

    2. Thanks, Bethany! It's such a beautiful shade.
      My Calico closed up so I have to drive into town now, but that just means I'll pass lots of good things along the way. ;)

  21. I looove the ottoman fabric!! And the light fixture is fantastic!

  22. Oh for the love of Mom's!!! Everyone has done so much more than me. I guess cause I made the mistake of being on someone else's schedule :) Dang.

  23. Ooooohhh this ottoman. It slays me!

  24. Yay for mom! You've made serious progress, Bethany! It's looking so beautiful! And you're right not to lose sleep over these little things ... they could be a lot worse!

  25. Backordered - my least favorite word! The stool looks great though and I love your ceiling! Can't wait to see it all come together.


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