Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY : Striped Tray

Who doesn't love a good tray

We do, we do!

I've been tweaking and tweaking my living room in 3-D space to get the right mix of pillows.  In doing so, I added an awesome try I found online and fell in LURVE.

Said tray is from OKA,  a furniture company in England. I covetted it so much that I bit the bullet and ordered it!  It wasn't terribly unreasonable at $67 US, but they contacted me after placing the order to let me know the freight overseas would be $100!!  Thanks but no, so I cancelled.  

Heartbroken, I set out to make my own. 

Enter $15 tray from One Kings Lane. Boy was it a beaut? NOT.

Lions and tigers and HERBS, oh my!

So I got to work priming it with this magical stuff.

And sadly, did not take pictures as I eyeballed it to tape off the stripes.  I didn't have any painters tape at the time (boy do I now after the ORC) so I used my Dad's precious electrical tape.  Worked great at keeping the paint from seeping! 

After the first few coats of paint.  I used white and navy acrylic paint and had to do quite a few coats of each.

After perfecting the imperfect stripes and re-painting the white sides to navy, I applied some Rub 'N Buff in Gold Leaf to the handles and the rim with my finger and a paper towel.

I added some little felt stickers to the bottom so it wouldn't scratch my glass surfaces.

TA DA!  

I love it!! Probably more than the first tray just because I put all of my love into it!

So $67 + $100 in shipping ($167) :

Compared to $15:

I'll take it!


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. You rock! It is fantastic. Well done.

  2. I'll take one too! It turned out great

  3. Looks great! The gold is a really nice touch.


  4. Bethany-
    It is beautiful! I have been thinking about doing this, and now I am motivated!
    Thank you for sharing:).
    Happy Thursday.

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  6. You never have to buy an expensive tray again!! This is perfection! I am loving the stripes right now ... they feel so summery and crisp!

  7. Beautiful! If you have an extra one of those coffee tables bring it on over. Everything is looking so chic at your place.

  8. Fabulous knock-off! I'm adding that to my diy list, the r & b was a perfect addition to take it over the top! Beautiful job, Bethany!

  9. Good job! It looks fantastic!


  10. I totally like the $15 tray better- what a fab DIY project!

  11. You're awesome, Bethany! How do you have time to tackle all these projects? Can you please help me with mine? :) Tray turned out great!!

  12. WOW!! You did one fabulous job of recreating the tray, love it! Janell

  13. Such a great recreation! Love how you took the inspiration and ran with it. And the money you saved wooo! They have some striped trays at IKEA I'm looking at. They're adorable, but plasticy and cheapy so this might be the right alternative!

  14. I love that tray!!!!! You are really bringing it girl!!!

  15. Ahh it's gorgeous!!! You did such a fabulous job!!! I love that you even did the gold trim like on the first tray! (Which I so don't blame you for not getting- $167 for a tray is insane!) I absolutely love this- and your living room plans!!

  16. It rocks!! You are a Supa Star!!


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