Monday, May 14, 2012

Mid Century love - DWR

I had the pleasure of going into the Design Within Reach store recently in Bethesda, Maryland. I got to see authentic iconic pieces by Knoll, Saarinen, Bertoia, Milo Baugham, Herman Miller, Fritz Hansen and more!  I was so excited. 


I grew up studying these designers as an studio art and art education major in college and coveted their original designs. There are so many copies and cheap reproductions these days, I was blown away in the presence of greatness! I don't think Bethany quite gets my fascination, but I know she appreciates and loves great design.  Here is a great overview of the chairs DWR carries:

 I feel like these pieces are so relevant today and that they are timeless.  Do you agree?



  1. Totally timeless and boy do some of them bring back memories. Love DWR.

  2. I have a major obsession with MCM chairs in particular. The clean lines and surprising comfort of many of them make them so functional in so many different types of rooms.

  3. I love all these designs- especially that first chair and the light fixture! So pretty!

  4. I love to mix in a little MCM with more traditional pieces. I recently scored an awesome pair of Mid-century highback armchairs and an abstract painting from MidCentury artist Tom Hayward. Love these types of finds!

    1. I've been searching for information on a painting I own, and I believe it is a Tom Hayward. I've googled the name off and on over the past few years and this is the first I've seen any mention of him. Do you happen to know where I can find more info about him or my painting?

  5. I love DWR! Have purchased lots of light fixtures from them. Also, some of their seating. I think they have such a great look, and carry clean lined furniture that is quite versatile....can work with traditional to very modern. So glad to have them in Bethesda. Have a great week! XO Loi

  6. Love the barcelona chair and tulip table!

  7. if i could re-do my home it would be all mid-century.
    i love reminds me of the 4 seasons in nyc
    happy times


  8. I am loving all of this now, too. I wonder what things I hate, that I will love later?

  9. Agree!! Fabulous chairs! You guys on some fun field trips:)

  10. I'm hoping the Saarinean table makes its way to my home one day!!!

  11. oh, that saarinen table has been one of my all time wants for a long time! donna


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