Thursday, May 24, 2012

House Reveal [via Instagram]

I've been hesitant to share pictures of my home since the beginning.  I'm OK with snippets and vignettes - it's like a skirt with a nice slit up the leg versus a micro-mini.  So I walked around taking some Instagrams of my spaces today and with a big, deep breath, I decided I'd push myself to share them.  I'd like to be able to show you the spaces I always reference and the projects we work on.  It will be a good exercise for me. 

dining room

I get so hung up on the details.  It's not like I'm afraid of rejection, I'm in sales for goodness sakes.  But in actuality, I am scared of it.  Terrified.  You see, my ultimate goal of getting published is a bit of a pipe dream.  But I've always dreamed big.  My home is only 1100 square feet; I look at it as the perfect canvas to decorate and concentrate on ad nauseum.  We will most likely move in five years or so, and this is the time where I'd be able to get every room dressed and ready to go in a reasonable amount of time.  The next home will be more long-term, if not forever, so I imagine there won't be a rush. 

living room

Mom and I love our redecorating, rearranging, redo-ing and client projects, for sure.  But when it comes to putting my own home out there, my knees knock.  I am afraid of what people would say.  I'm afraid that if I put too much out there, I am doing what I despise most about social media… passive-aggressive bragging.  I am afraid that it's not pulled together enough.  What if my clients see my home and think that I will do the same thing to their spaces.  Or worse, not like my personal style. Wait, did you know this was really one of those 'Things I'm Afraid to Tell You' posts in disguise?  I'm afraid that it's not quite complete and I still need to switch my hideous track lighting out in my kitchen, add a banquette and wall art to my dining area, install new upper kitchen cabinets, paint my bedroom and the list goes on and on.  It will always be somewhat of a work-in-progress so there's never a good time.

living room as it is today, with the Fig front and center of
the window for a rare moment of sun!

But I found a way that I could be comfortable in taking this first step.  All hail Instagram thumbnails.  By blurring the edges and giving you a squinty eye view, I can finally show you "a little more leg." And why should I be so scared?  It's not like I'm Mary freaking MacDonald over here and everyone will be scrutinizing the heck outta my stuff, right? 

my office.  wish you could see the wallpaper
and rug in more detail

mom and I recently made a larger headboard for my master
bedroom and used a vintage fuchsia tapestry as a cover

but then I changed my mind on the fabric and
recovered it in this indie peacock fabric

I realize these Instagram pics are grainy and blurry, that's partly why I was able to hit 'publish' on this post.  However, we are looking at photographers to bring in and get a little Blue Steel out of our homes.  Finding a good match will also buy us some time to tie up loose ends. Not being able to take a decent photo myself hinders us quite a bit. 

guest bathroom which is currently gutted for all new
appliances and tile. go figure.

Bet you didn't think you were gonna get a full on confessional when you saw this title.  But thank you, dear readers, for letting me express all of my fear attached to posting pics on our blog.  This little exercise will do one of two things.  Either I get a tremendous amount of confidence in posting pictures after taking this first leap, OR, I make it a bigger priority to take photography classes!  Or Option C - Xanax.

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  1. Bethany, no worries. You have more style than most folks and I saw a few things I might come and swipe!
    When I take a photo for my blog there is generally a mess behind me. This is a great reality check on on perfection for all of us. Thanks for the honesty.

  2. Beautiful home, Bethany! Love what you have done here. The headboard is amazing too.
    Happy Thursday.

  3. You have a beautiful home! You did a great job!

  4. Love the pretty mix in your bedroom!!

  5. I think your home is beautiful!! I'm glad you shared.

  6. Hi Bethany, it is still hard for me to realize that you are all grown up! However after looking at your home and some of the things in my "design box" I do realize that you are all grown up and no longer the little girl with the pretty gray horse! You have a very interesting home that appears welcoming and fun.
    Kathy R

  7. Hi Bethany,
    Your home looks wonderful. You should have no worries about sharing with us!
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  8. I totally get it. After 2 1/2 years of blogging, I still cringe a little when I hit publish on a post about my own home/projects. It's so personal and hard to be criticized for your own taste.

    Your home looks great, though. There's nothing I would rather see than real homes. And, I'm fascinated by the headboard (in both fabrics). Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

  9. Thank you for sharing ... I think we all feel that way! I want to "put myself out there" and then dig in my heels when I do!! I love what you are doing and totally appreciate being never finished. I also find with my clients that many of them don't have the budget or the nerve to do it all at once. It is a process ... for all of us!!

  10. So fun seeing your place, Bethany! You can certainly tell someone with style lives there, I love your unique touches everywhere! Notice no photos of my bedroom on my blog EVER, they're coming one of these the 'before!'

  11. Hi Bethany - Sorry I missed this post earlier. Your home is fabulous!! You should not be worried about the opinions of others. Having a retail store, I get rejections all the time....some people love it, others hate it. Your home does not look feels quite open. Looks like your living room ceilings are very tall...NICE!! I love the pair of demi-lune mirrors and glass coffee table. Please show us more!! :-) Thanks for sharing.

  12. i wish I had yours and your Moms sense of style. I need a lesson tomorrow on how to attach a headboard to the wall...You house is adorable!
    Kathie S.

  13. Thanks for sharing--I totally understand how hard it is. Your home looks great. I'm drooling over the headboard and mirrored nightstand in your bedroom!

  14. Hey Bethany, I remember that feeling well. The first time I posted a picture of our house, I was terrified too. Still makes me nervous. But can I just tell you that your house looks about 3 million times more pulled together than my own? Seriously, you have NOTHING to worry about. I love all the little details and layers I see. Gorgeous.

  15. It looks amazing! Well done for bravery sharing :-)


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