Sunday, May 20, 2012

Do you have a Gurglepot?

I had no idea what this was until my best friend (since we were 3) in La Jolla, CA sent me one for my birthday.  Boy is this cute! When you fill it up and pour it gurgles and gulps.  Must be 'the thing' in La Jolla, but now I'm introducing it to my friends. 

 Have you seen this?

 You can get them in every color at places like this:

I thought it was a vase, but then she told me about the  gurgling noise... so cute! Thanks PCC!



  1. very fun and unique Nancy!!I had not seen one before and also thought it was a vase.

    Art by Karena

  2. I have seen them before but I don't have one. I would have a hard time choosing a color.

  3. I had never seen this! and I lived in San Diego for 12 years... I like the colored ones and would most likely choose the blue one or red one... :)

  4. I had the chance to buy one of these last year..... and I didn't...... regretted it since!

  5. We have one too! Love it! Very cute!


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