Saturday, May 19, 2012

Accessorizing AGAIN

  Ok, I must admit though I love timeless decor, 'click and buy' (plus a birthday) has been working for me lately! Ironic that you buy new things for the 'timeless' affect.   I have gone crazy in recent weeks with a few new acquisitions. 

Here are 2 new chairs hubby got from Overstock for our morning coffee niche in the sunroom.
But then I thought: just pull the trigger and get the rug you've been dreaming of NOW especially since Horchow had that great 30% off sale.  So I got this 8 x 10' which mimics the art work colors and feeds my blue and white obsession nicely.


Then after reading "Good bones, Great pieces" I ordered this demilune table for my foyer since it was too good to pass up from Joss and Main for $49.

 I needed something over the tv in the master bedroom, since the original plan of mounting it on the wall got scrapped.  I didn't want to cave in and get THE mirror that everyone has, but look--it's just the punch it needed. Here is the $35 sunburst mirror from Home Depot.
 Bethany bought me a fantastic sconce from OKL for my bday and I bought the other, so Im having to redo the plan for them over my sofa with existing art, since they are HUGE and will dwarf what's there. ( Stay tuned for the living room wall redo.)

OK, I can stop now, and need to get back to work to make some more decorating bucks! ( or pay for much needed repairs around the house..never fun to spend money on that!) Time to switch to more DIY projects to feed my habit.  

Have a great weekend! Tell us what you're getting into!



  1. Happy Birthday! Celebrate every one of them. I love that rug. The chairs look like a perfect fit. I love "click and buy", too...only I rarely make a decisions fast enough. Bethany has fantastic taste..that sconce is lovely.

  2. Happy Birthday! All of your new purchases/gifts look absolutely fabulous! I especially love that rug. xox

  3. Happy Birthday!! The rug is a great choice and the sconces are wonderful! Loving it all.

  4. YiPPie!! Thank you for the tour of your house, Nancy. I love it when you show us photos of home. (And, your gorgeous horses!) More, more, more, please! I can totally tell this is the home of an artist: your compositions and color scheme are spot on. The rug is very cool and graphic. Congratulations on all the new additions....looks wonderful! Talk to you next week! XOXOXOX, Loi

  5. I love that you share your home pictures with us!


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