Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lamp shade tip

I bought a lamp shade that I 'guessed' would fit, which was 15" diameter and 11" tall.  After seeing it on my  brass lamp, it was too 'short' so I took it back to the store to see if they had a larger size, preferably 2"-3" taller.  There was no larger size, and I since  was really fond of this shade,  I decided to buy a smaller "harp" for $1.50 and try it.  Bingo!  It dropped the shade down a few inches, so it is a keeper. I may even try a shorter harp.  Problem solved. I have never considered a smaller harp as an option to adjust shade height and coverage.

 Here is a diagram of lamp parts:
Hope this tip helps you with shade dilemmas!


  1. Great tip! Love the shade too.

  2. I just got a great vintage brass lamp and now I am on the hunt for a great black shade! But I want cheap :)


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