Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Does anyone love wallpaper as much as I do?

I mentioned yesterday that Mom and I have a serious disconnect on generational 'been there, done that' trends.  Brass fittings being the first and wallpaper being the second-most quarreled about topic.  

I would do it in every room, if I wasn't worried about moving in the few years.  She's not fully over the traumatic wallpaper removal process from every room in her 1970's ranch.  We do often laugh when we see a silver foil in a showroom that looks like something she had in her master bathroom.  Agree to disagree.

I wanted to use this Jill Malek paper in my guest room because I heart baby animals.

Watered Silk by Zoffany would look smashing in a charcoal and a yellowy chartreuse room.

 Kimiko by Harlequin is one of my favorites.  Can't wait for a project where I can use this one.

I'm a bit tired of chevrons by now, but this Zig Zag by Sanderson is pretty awesome, especially if you were trying to channel Kelly Wearstler and adding a ton of brass and natural stone to the mix.

OHHHHH  and let's not forget the designs by Flavor Paper.  I'm DIGGIN' this Torn Gold.  If you look close enough, you'll see some very cool designs within the design.

Fun times in a Thai-restaurant bathroom with this Saltwater Taffy paper.

O&L always delivers … look at this Foxglove.

And Cattleya

Or this Travertino!  How cool in a kitchen?

And we all know how I feel about this one, since I recreated it in my bathroom!

Thibaut is making an appearance lately thanks to the popularity of their cheetah paper. But I really like the vibe of this Merrill paper they produce.

This covering by Walnut Wallpapers is TDF!

And look at this hot stuff by Six Hands.  So Palm Beach funky!

And last up, Kaladera by Schumacher.  Boy, would it strain my pocketbook but I love the Les Indiennes/John Robshaw vibe and it would look killer in my own bedroom!

Weigh in here, peeps.  Do you have a paper you love or are covetting for your home?



  1. Loving wallpaper - trying to figure out a spot to use some in my house! My mom has the same reaction when I mention it....

  2. I have to go with your mom here, mostly. I have had my own share of wallpaper removal trauma but I would love a little grasscloth somewhere.

  3. I'm a wallpaper aholic- love, love, love. That black and white doggy one must make an appearance in my home- adore it!

  4. I'm with you, Bethany! LOVE it, and I've definitely had my share of removal, but I'm itching to put some up!

  5. I wish I could wallpaper every room in my house. Shit gets expensive. I so hope you go with that baby animal one. Super cute/cool.


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