Saturday, March 10, 2012

4 Legged tech support

  As we get to know each other and see pets in the pictures of our favorite blogs, I'd like to introduce you to our 4 legged family members, without whom our lives would surely be empty and far less entertaining.

              First up is my office assistant, Nicholas. He is a 5 year old Shih Tzu and loyal friend:

Our shy cat Josephine, who took 5 years to come out of hiding and socialize with the family, loves to roll in the mulch outside.

               Bethany's Office Assistant "daughter", 3 year old bulldog, Wilma Applesauce Brower:

Nicholas and Wilma hunting Easter eggs.

My 11 hand pony, Thomas, that Bethany rescued and gave to me for Christmas 8 years ago (that is a long story for another day):

                            Bethany's tall dark and handsome 16.3 hand Thoroughbred, Willie:

And our recent housemate, a one year old cat named Archimedes, my son's cat, who is living with us temporarily(?)

        (he is quite a character and looks very much like Josie but 100% more sociable)

These special, unconditional loving companions enrich our lives on a daily basis.  Tell us about your pets!



  1. Awww I love all your pets! They are all so cute. Glad to meet them! :)

  2. Hi, Nancy. I just found your blog, and this post really spoke to me! I have a house full of pets--three dogs and a cat, all of them found on the streets. The most recent addition had a broken leg when my husband found him. (We even recently took in a one-eyed blind and deaf dog, but luckily we found her family after just a week.) I have pictures of them on my blog. I love your brood-they're all so adorable!


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