Monday, February 27, 2012

My hallway is officially zhushed!

Remember this post on zhushing up my hallway?

I was finally ready to execute on this idea.

I started out with this 'inspiration pic' from Atlanta Homes Magazine.


I wanted to do wallpaper, but since we don't plan to stay in our house forever, I thought I'd better save it for the master bedroom.  So mom and I got to work making a stencil. We made a pattern similar to the inspiration pic. We used acetate folders from Staples to make our stencil and some leftover paint from my office (you would be suprised how little paint this took up.  We maybe used a half of a cup of paint).  The project cost us a total of $2.

Since I wanted the walls to look more like handpainted wallpaper versus stencil-y, we painted it with a paintbrush following the stencil as a guide. 

 The stencil and the laser level kept us on the right track and made the pattern uniform. While our application of paint was very measured so it would looked handpainted.

Ta Da!

From a distance it looks like a unified design or even papered (if you really squint).  But up close, the paint strokes and the amount of paint is very uneven. Being a perfectionist, it was actually kind of freeing to do this imperfectly.  I love it so far!  Now we are left to decide whether to do this to the other side of the hallway or not.  I am worried it may feel like a maze if we box it in with both walls painted.  Thoughts?

What did you get into this weekend?



  1. Wow, love it!! I went thru little kid room and organized! Put some more effort into my day, I'll actually feel that whole "finished" day

  2. Wow, what a great job creating the stencil! Fabulous wall!

  3. It turned out fabulously! I just adore this design. Bravo!

  4. Looks fabulous! Wish you'd come over to my house and do it!

  5. Nice work making your own stencil! Love how it turned out...

  6. Stencils are such a great way to update a space and I love the pattern and color! Beautiful job.

  7. It looks fantastic!!!! love the pattern and that the way you stenciled them into the walls with a lighter look! Great job!


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