Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration from Nancy Meyers, Film Director

You know the Director I'm talking about: Nancy Meyers, the genius behind the romantic comedies: Something's Gotta Give", "The Holiday", "It's Complicated"-- my all time top 3 movies.

I think from the first time I saw the house in the Hamptons in " Something's Gotta Give"(2003), I changed my living room ( again).  My husband says he doesn't ever  know where to sit, I move the furniture around so often.  

The sea grass rugs, the slip covered neutral Linen furnishings, the beachy vibe, the watery art paintings....everything just seemed to change in the decorating world then.... and it is still a hugely popular trend.

Hooked on Houses

Hooked on Houses

Then there's that ranch style Santa Barbara House in "It's Complicated"(2009), that I fell in love with..
even though it was filmed in New York in the snow. ( All of these interior sets for ALL of her movies were built in locations other than where the real house sits ).  I don't even care that they were fabricated.. I bought into it all, and was full of house and character envy after each movie...

Then comes "The Holiday"(2008), and I'm in love with "Amanda's" house in L. A...  This was 4 years ago, and I'm still loving this decor!

Hooked on Houses

Whites, textures, greenery, lots of glass and architectural elements, phenomenal views....
One of the main attractions to this house ( or movie set) of this L. A. home was the spacious architecture, metal floor to ceiling window frames, stone and wood accents...

Are there any movies that you love that influence your style? You can take inspiration from anywhere...and just add this to the list of books, magazines, model homes, decorating stores, fashion and style trends...and of course, something you see in someone else's home that you love, and interpret in your own style.

Happy Decorating!


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