Monday, January 9, 2012

Be careful what you wish for...

I've been stalking the local Home Depots for about 9 months looking for a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant.  I purchased one last spring for $24.99 there, but it soon lost its leaves and turned brown.  I should've know since some of the leaves were sickly when I picked him up.

So at my last jaunt to HD, a gardener was pruning the indoor plants and I asked about FLFs.  She said she's seen some come through there from time to time and to email her my contact info and she'd keep me updated. 

Then I got the call...

"Is it large?  Because my last one was pretty small and I want to find one well on its way to being a tree."

"Oh it's big.  It's 14 inches. And it's on sale"

[14 inches?? Ummm, ok, not that big, but I'll take what I can get...]

So she "holds" it at the service desk and pick up Mom and we run our happy little selves over there to pick him up.

And there he stood in all his glory. 

About 6' tall and 6' around.  Apparently I didn't understand the 14 inch reference... it meant pot size, not height.  He's a MASSIVE corn-fed boy, I tell ya. And a sale? Hardly - he was still $99.  But, I'd like to put this search to bed, so I bit the bullet.

So Mom and I laugh.  We glance awkwardly at each other.  We shrug our shoulders and get to work putting him in the car. 

A pleasant overnight guest on all accounts, however, my first reaction to him this morning was "OMG."  I think he may be TOO big...

Should he stay or should he go?

Now for an update on the bathroom.

New curtain rod came yesterday, complete with little hangers that match the crystal balls on the ends.  Still haven't picked out a new, less crappy toilet (har har har, excuse the pun) nor have I gotten the tile to re-do the floors.  Now I'm just waiting on my new towels so I can accessorize this thang.

- Bethany

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