Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ikea chairs in need of new look

I have two Henriksdal chairs for my dining room table that I am making due with.  I wanted a Parsons look and I got it for a ripe ole $80 from Ikea.  I got the plain white duck cotton slipcovers which are also fine, but it may be time to zhush them up if they plan to stick around. 

Here's the culprit, completely naked.  I have the long box-pleat slipcovers on it currently.  But while I took them off to wash them, I felt I could breathe so much easier with the openness of the legs showing.  Maybe I should consider a shorter slipcover...

Have you been to  What a frigging blessing that place is.  They specialize in Ikea slipcovers.  WHAAAT?  And if I just wanted to get a simple cover for the upholstered part of the chair, minus the long droopy skirt, it's only gonna cost me about 35 clams.  Not bad.

Comes with all these options!  Long, short, mid-length.  Fabric choices are pretty good too... of course, similar to Ballard in their limitations, but HEY - who cares at this price?


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