Thursday, December 15, 2011

Liquor? Hell I don't even LACQUER

Hardy har har har.

Design humor is the best…

I love a good dark lacquered door, don't you?  So much so that I put myself (and my poor Mom) through total agony and defeat trying to find the exact shade to paint my french door.

Two problems with that idea.  Numero uno -  I didn't want to go with a simple black because black is just too harsh for me.  Just like black nail lacquer is too harsh on my nails with the bluish undertones, black wouldn't work with the sorbet vibe I've got goin' on in the room.  So navy it was.  Easy enough, right?


Problem dos: the right KIND of navy.  I have 'white mint' walls in my living room and in order for the navy color to be content on my door, the undertones had to work with the green-tint to the walls.  So if you look at the color wheel (let's visualize, people) green is complementary to orange and purple in the color wheel. Sooooo the navy had to err on the side of purple undertones to work here.  That meant anything with a super blue tint looked way too little-boys-room-blue. Finding the right navy was a trick but 4th times' the charm  and I was finally happy with the outcome.  But that was an expensive little project after four rounds of paint, in both time and money.  Cuz we all know time IS money, honey…



  1. Great blog!!! I love your BRAG idea!!! If I could only get rid of this wall to wall so I can invest in rugs!! xo

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