Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here's a decorating tip to ponder!

As I think back as to one of the early guides to my (re-) arranging a room, I think this tip will help some of you with the design elements to pull a room together.  It is simply the word " B R A G G"; easy enough to remember!

The "B" is for black. Every room needs a black element to "ground" it, to balance all the lighter tones, and give the room a breather, something dark and black as a resting point for the eye.
"R".  This is for RUGS. ( a passion of ours) Rugs are like pictures for floors, I always say.  They add personality, color and warmth.  Whether layering over wall to wall carpet or using over a hard surface, they are a must in your home. You can be bold and whimsical for that element of surprise, or you can be predictable, harmonious with your plan, and add your accent colors here.  NOTE: today on OKL,
they have FABULOUS rugs, and some cool ideas for tips using them.


"A" is for Art.  The personality and character of the home owner lies in the art choices. Here you can add whatever you like, but your selections can really 'push' the design quality of your space.  You can add an 'edgey' vibe to a traditional space, or go the safe route with traditional art selections. Most people are comfortable with the 'safe' pieces, subject matter most people can relate too.  If you are bored with your space, add some Modern Art! That will refresh your look and make it look more current.

"G"  One of elements of warmth and coziness is to add GREENERY.  Bring the outdoors in, with plants, and leafy accents at all levels throughout your home, i.e. floor, shelf or tabletop , and something tall.  It doesn't mean the color green has to be in your decor, it can be considered a part  'the great outdoors' and treated like a neutral which works in EVERY room.  No silk plants please.  The dust they collect soon becomes more noticeable than the greenery.  Even if you have to purchase new inexpensive plants every year, it's worth it.

The last "G" is for glass.  All rooms need reflection and shine.  In light of the current mirrored furniture trend, mirrors and glass enlarge your space, give you portals and glimpses into other spaces, and generally add a little glitter and bling to a room.  It's like jewelry, and what woman doesn't love a little bling!  I use lots of mirrors in my home in every room.  ( Not to look vain, but to enlarge the space) It really works, try it.

Enjoy, and let us know if this helps you give your rooms a 'lift'.



  1. These tips are spot on. I couldn't agree more with the black. I feel like it adds some boldness, drama and sophistication.

  2. All important elements to a finished room. I'm trying to figure out how to work "F" for fabric into your equation :)

  3. Love this! I am a list person, and feel a little lost without one, so this will keep me on the right track to finally finishing a room! (I always say that the rooms in my house feel "unfinished). Thanks!


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