Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rugs as wall art

Something caught my eye on Instagram this week, an oushak rug as a wall feature by the Kellogg Collection.  Turns out that shop is sort of local to me (and in DC and Richmond) in McLean, so I'm dying to go see them.

I love these walls with rugs hung on them, to create a special vignette.  (all by Kellogg Collection)

Then I'm looking at our favorite online shelter mag, DOMINO, and see Katie Lee's home in the Hamptons 
and I'm dying.  I love the vintage bedspread hung on the wall behind her bed, which likens itself to a rug design.

Lee's style is so fun and eclectic and she collaborated with pal Nate Berkus on alot of the interior.

How about a gorgeous kilim as a wall feature?  You can see some gorgeous rugs at one of my favorite online kilim shops: Kaya Kilims. This could be gorgeous behind a bed and a fabulous inspiration for a color scheme.

You may have a huge stairwell wall that begs a large graphic, how about a rug hanging? 
Ideas to ponder!


  1. Whatever floats your boat (although I think I sailed in that particular boat in the early 70s). I'm using an Afghan tribal rug on dining/library table. I like the patterns and colors and quite frankly its rather Kryptonite ability to protect the table top from alien invaders: my husband when he retires in December.

  2. I've never seen them as wall art but the kilim rug under the green round table would be statement making…wonder how they hang them?! Such a fun idea - happy weekend, pretty ladies!

    1. I agree! I think they screw them to a header board and mount that to the wall- could be great!

  3. I would put a vintage Navajo rug on the wall. Gorgeous.

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  5. Nancy I adore seeing fabulous rugs and tapestries used as art !!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

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