Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Deconstructing good design

Happy New Year everyone!

Now that the holidays are over, it's the perfect time to 'nest' indoors and work on your interiors!
Good design doesn't just happen- lord knows we all try (reason 476 to hire a professional interior designer).  There really are key elements that need to be present and as often as we preach the principles and elements of design, it's easiest to illustrate in a well-designed room like this living room by The Design Co. 

It is beautifully clean and simple, but follows a plan.

Let's breakdown the key ingredients, the most obvious being the neutral color scheme punctuated with texture, warm tones and a balance of white and black contrast.

1. Mirrors and windows reflect light and enlarge any space.  It gives you a view into different spaces and keeps your walls from closing in.   Notice the mirror in the adjoining room.

2. Greenery is essential.  Live plants bring nature indoors and add life, improve air quality and provide an accent color that is good in any room!  Note the uncluttered shelves and symmetry.

3. Lighting should be present in every quadrant of the room. Not seeing the entire room, I feel more should be added here if it isn't already. Ambient light (overall), task lighting, accent and decorative lights all serve a purpose.

4. Texture added to the room provides variety in surfaces (see the throw on the bench also).  Seating should be inviting and comfortable and vary in type, i.e. chairs, benches, sofas and ottomans.

5. Rugs, layered on hardwood for warmth, texture and shape also provide interest.

6. A neutral color scheme with a hint of gray on the walls is used against white trim so the molding stands out.

7. Custom ceiling crown and other additional trim and molding adds a custom touch.  Note the wide door casement trim and tall base molding.

Details, details, details... 

Essential elements but not overdone.  Perhaps it's time this winter to invest in improving some of the 'bones' of your home, such as custom molding, which will take your room to the next level.

I hope you have a great winter 'nesting' and working on the inside of your home. 
 Best wishes to you all in 2017.


  1. We love their work and this room is amazing! Great tips on creating the perfect space. Happy Wednesday, ladies!

  2. Beautiful room and great tips! I think we are all feeling a need to change things around this time of year...I know I am! Enjoy your week!


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