Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Market Day at the Washington Design Center

Greetings friends,
I feel like Spring is almost here, which is so refreshing! I hope you all are enjoying warm temps this week as we are here in the DC area.  I am so done with gray skies, and not being able to soak up some sunshine!

During my recent trip to the Washington Design Center for it's first annual Market Day, March 3rd, I was especially inspired by talks by Celerie Kembel and Tilton Fenwick, among others.
Of course a day wrapped in beautiful textiles, furnishings and brilliant designers, (& champagne and hors d'oeuvres) is a dream day in my book.

I loved hearing how Celerie Kemball's current design project of homes in the Dominican Republic has given her style a new dimension.  She has been spending the last two years traveling the world buying unique things for these homes. 
 How refreshing...nothing from a catalog or Home Goods.  I am itching to travel lately.
Celerie, her mother Mimi, and sister Phoebe (a world renown chef) make up the family business and have locations in Palm Beach and New York.  Celerie is vivacious, comical and very approachable.

The two designers Anne Foster and Suysel Cunningham that make up Tilton Fenwick are genuinely warm, sincere and generous in sharing their ideas.  I loved hearing how they got started (a bit unrealistic getting a showhouse in their first few months of business and a feature in a magazine when they had no client portfolio, just their own homes, a great brand and website! - lots to learn here). In just one year of business they were voted as one of the Top 20 "New Traditionalists"!  I crave learning from professionals and as I grow our business I want to see how other successful designers run their businesses.  Here is Ann, Suysel and my friend Ruth Olbrych, Antiques by Zaar. 

Their use of pattern and color with unpredictable elements is amazing.  The have a textile line with Duralee, an upholstery line with Target and a rug line with StudioFourNYC.  They are on fire!

Another highlight of my day was meeting Sophie Donelson, the Editor in Chief of House Beautiful. I read that magazine cover to cover and enjoy her knowledge and passion for design.  She brings youth, change and fun to the magazine, and is also very approachable; a darling (but brilliant) girl-next-door!

There is so much to learn! Starting our 4th year with design clients, I am excited that our referrals are generating consistent business.  I  can't wait until High Point Market next month to see all the new products in the industry, but especially to network with other designers and learn from the pros!

Have a great spring, and happy decorating!


  1. Wow! Such an exciting day! Love that you were able to meet so many great names! I'm sure it was so inspiring!

  2. That is so interesting about Tilton Fenwick. I had no idea. Sounds like a fun and rewarding day!!

  3. Wow...what a great day you had...some interesting tidbits!

  4. What a fantastic day for you ladies, so much inspiration to be had out there for sure!


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