Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

This year I went 'au naturel' with the decorations throughout our house, but since I started the weekend after Thanksgiving, I have already had to refresh my greens and Nandina berries with new cuttings.  Our 15' Norway Spruce is so gorgeous, and takes up the entire sunroom, but sadly it is dropping all of it's needles with the cats venturing underneath and the dog's tails wagging in it's boughs.  I fear it will have to come down right after Christmas. 
 [ We still will always have a fresh cut live tree.  We love the experience as a family to go out and cut one down the day after Thanksgiving.]

Here are some highlights of the decorations in our home.

 Here are the decorations in Bethany's home:

A true highlight of my holiday was offering the Christmas decorating service to clients. I decorated with the family's own trees, ornaments and lights but added the ribbon, branches and some extra touches. This family was so grateful and appreciative of what I did.  Bringing Christmas to their home was truly an honor.

I hope you are savoring the journey to Christmas!
Bethany and I wish you and your families a glorious holiday and a very happy New Year!
Thank you for your support and inspiration this year!


  1. Beautiful home and holiday decor! Happy holidays!

  2. So beautiful, all of it! Your tree is stunning!

  3. I love the decorations in both of your homes! You gorgeous mantel decor Nancy is just perfect and Bethany's fireplace with the wooden garland is just divine! Your client is certainly lucky to have your help! Thank you for joining the 12 days of Christmas Blogger Tour Link Party! Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas Bethany and Nancy!! Your homes are beautiful, warm, welcoming and festive!!! Love your tree it looks like the perfect tree!!!
    xo Kathysue

  5. Merry Christmas my sweet friend!! Love to you, Bethany and your families!!

  6. Your homes are looking especially beautiful and festive. Merry Christmas, Nancy and Bethany!! Jingle, Jingle - L

  7. Two of my favorite ladies! I hope you both had a merry Christmas season with your family!!! Your homes look so festive and cheery, it's such fun to put it all up isn't it? And then I find equally as enjoyable to put it all away 'til next year. Wishing you both a wonderful, healthy new year! XO


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