Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy Holidays!

I have tried to sit down a number of times to recap what's been going on lately, but I swear, the holidays are closing in on me and I haven't had time.  I am finishing some client projects and have a big family Christmas party and house guests at the end of this week, so hopefully I'll get at least my house tour of decorations up before Christmas!  

A perfect kick off to the Christmas season was this parade in Middleburg, VA, last weekend.  It is the most idyllic town, reminiscent of England, with all it's charm and regalia.

It was a perfect day to watch the Middleburg Fox Hunt come through town.  The turn out of these huntsmen and women was spectacular.   I'd say there were 75+ mounts.  The riders were smartly attired in their hunt garb and the horses with their 'hunt' clips and pristine coats all had their manes and tails braided.  This is the stuff that makes Bethany and I weak-in-the-knees, as we were teary in awe of this spectacular sight.  (JB didn't understand why we were so emotional over this!)

Horses are such an important part of our lives, and we feel such a close connection with the horse community.  We know what goes into putting an event together like this and getting your horse ready, starting the night before.  It is all very exciting and it was a great kick off to the rest of the parade that followed.

We had drinks and a light lunch at the Salamander Resort, a fabulous 5 Star venue that caters to people and horses alike.  You can take your horse with you overnight and board them at their phenomenal facilities surrounding the hotel grounds.  

The decor in the resort is magnificent.  I especially love the oversized original equestrian paintings.

Bethany and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and remember to savor the journey to Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas!! And yes, thanks for the reminder to savor the journey to Christmas.

  2. I had no idea this parade existed - now I certainly have to go! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh how fun! What a beautiful day!

  4. Totally understandable Nancy dear, I'm glad your busy in a good way! Wish I could see that wonderful parade in person someday!

  5. Wow I wish I was there! Part of me becomes more inspired to get my own horses out more, and part of me says oh well , I love grooming and caring for them just as much as riding...I know you get that! Always great to hear from you and Bethany. xob


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