Monday, November 9, 2015

Portals of color

My recent visit to the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk while visiting my brother continues to solidify my love one of my favorite museums.  
While I was there for Halloween, the volunteers all dressed in costume to match a painting in the gallery- what fun!  
This time though, my attention was not only on the old masters, but also on the wall colors.

Gone are the days of galleries with one or two muted colors in the space. 
I hope you enjoy looking through these rooms to the colors beyond and take away something about how the wall color enhances the works of art and draw you into the room.  Museum walls are getting more bold in color and I love it!

The last two, the brown and the green walls, are my favorite; they look so handsome and regal against the gold frames.

I've tried to summarize the various colors used (pretty much by guessing!) into these samples.
I know some of my friends ( Loi, Kim, Karena, Kerry) out there love galleries as much as I do, how about you?  Do you see a trend in color coming back on the walls in galleries?


  1. Those all looked so much like Downton Abby colors I love them!

  2. I never really paid much attention to the walls until now and your right Nancy, truly makes a huge impact on the paintings and art they showcase!


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