Monday, October 12, 2015


I got my first sheepskin from my brother when he returned from Europe when I was 16, and I still have it.  Yes, sheepskins might be trendy now, but I love the coziness and texture and use them all around my home. 
They will stand the test of time.

Texture is one of the 7 ELEMENTS OF DESIGN that I learned about in college, and incorporate in all our design work. The other elements are: line, shape, size, color, space and value.
The textural element that a sheepskin brings to a room is a significant addition to any style decor.  
 I have found alot of uses for my new 3 x 5 skin. 

[in my son's Ikea Poang chair]
[a throw at the end of a bed]
[or a cozy area rug- perfect for bedside]

Perfect for these cool fall mornings and to cozy up to anytime!


  1. I need one badly! Love all the ideas and styling here Nancy!

  2. Even if you have it for years, it is still “young and beautiful” :). I would say that adding sheepskins in a house is like bringing together comfort and warm. And the perfect season for them is definitely winter…I would say that a winter is perfect only if you have at least one sheepskin in your room :). Thanks for the post, Nancy!
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