Sunday, June 7, 2015

Copper Show Stopper

Copper has been hitting the scene in a big way.  While the brass trend is currently repeating itself, what do you think about copper?

I'm sure you've seen people using pennies as tile, and there are tons of DIY's on changing the patina, or even adding a copper look to things.
This DIY countertop is insanely gorgeous.
 Remember mixing metals is a good thing, to keep everything from looking too matchy-matchy- a designer's curse! (at least for the Powell Brower girls) 
You don't have to fully commit to copper or brass or silver, but an intentional combination works well.

Like everything, small doses and moderation in curating your look sets you apart from anything overdone. 

Have you used copper in your decor?

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  1. I think copper is beautiful, but it is expensive!


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