Friday, May 29, 2015

Styles evolve

Back in 2012, I did a series on Decorating Styles and tried to simplify styles into Traditional, Country, Contemporary and Eclectic categories.  Styles sure have evolved into more categories since then!  I am loving this California-contemporary-swedish-eclectic-vibe currently. 

 It is typically light-filled, a bit sparse, layered with texture, neutral with subtle color and speckled with some antique treasures so it doesn't look all new like a store catalog.  I love natural materials like the brick floor under the sisal rug.

Are you wanting more color these days, or are you liking neutrals still? 
 Seriously, anything goes.


  1. Hi Nancy, I love the neutral basics and then add in color with art, pillows and accessories.
    This room IS beautiful!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel: Three Weeks

  2. For almost 25 year my downstairs was white. It was an easy way to accommodate the mix of pieces we had inherited and those we had added. Somewhere along the way, I am sure boosted by the globalization of white rooms, I felt the need to revolt. Like a good Libra, I've gone to the opposite: my downstairs is now a mix of black. I love it! As I have aged, (I'm 65), I've found that I still rebel from being like every body else. And sense we intend to "die in place" I don't have to worry about retail. While the internet has been fun, I worry that people conform to too much sameness and lose that part that is really themselves. Much of my taste has remained the same: books, books and more books, art and collections that tell a story, comfort.

    1. I admire your taste and integrity. I agree there is too much of the same look in decor all over the Internet- something I too fight and strive to be more unique. I crave something different! Thanks for your thoughts xo Nancy

  3. I have a hard time going too white although I love it. Right now, I have more muted tones than I have had in years. I like it that people like eclectic!

  4. My style has evolved too...trying to grasp on the direction for my own home. Love the feel of this room!

  5. My entire "style" if you can call it that, has evolved over the past decades!!! I'm approaching 75 :( and have done it all. I have been with black, white, gold and metals for the last decade! My kids tell me to add color, but I'm not comfortable with having pops of yellow or whatever. I love the calm and sophistication of black and white. I think everyone's tastes evolve over time. I have learned that one should live in colors that look good on you.
    Great post !

  6. home before dark again. I came back to read other comments and got to see that I left a comment with not one but two typos/brain foggers. Of course I mean to type since, not sense and resale not retail. Sorry for the word "pollution."


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