Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring at the Powell house

 Spring is such an inspiring time for us.  Our 6 acres means a ton of yard work but it's an absolute joy with the magnificent color in the yard right now.  I love to work out in the yard and it's tough to keep my mind on indoor projects at the moment!

Here is a turn around my yard today.  While some of the azaleas are waning, the rhododendron are perfect right now.

 This tree-like azalea is so gorgeous with it's orange and coral hues. I never remember the scientific names- forgive me!

I am starting to plant my pots this week, beginning with this New Guinea Impatiens.

This is one of the last pictures this spring with the pool cover on.  It comes off the 26th!

Gibbs is my unfaltering companion, going to the garden center with me and staying by my side the entire day.

 I unloaded two truck loads of mulch today.  It takes at least 7 loads to do most of our yard.  Of course, we can always use more!  

Besides a few work clients,  I have several projects started in my own home, and Bethany is working on her new place.  She has painted several rooms, scored a great Craigslist cabinet, redone her fireplace wall and has a new Stark sisal carpet on order.  With all her dreams of getting new furniture, etc., there are matters that trump her list like a new fence and getting all her utilities working properly.  The joys of home ownership!

Last weekend I had a great birthday and Mother's Day celebration with wine tours and a picnic Saturday and a cookout Sunday.  The best gift I could ever receive is when my kids are all home.

Narmada Winery in Amissville, Va was particularly special.  It was founded by an Indian couple for their retirement and they keep their yield to 5,000 cases a year, which is within the realm of a small, boutique style winery.  They serve phenomenal native Indian dishes and pair their wine accordingly.  We had a lovely lunch and loved their wine selection.

 The next winery on our stop was Pearmund Cellars, in a serene idyllic setting.  They have an brick pizza oven on site to compliment their tastings.  It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. Dogs are welcome on a leash; I wish we had brought a few of ours.

 We finished the evening with Twilight Polo at Great Meadows, Va, a fabulous family activity, sitting ring-side with a picnic dinner, and lots of great horse and people watching!

This is really the perfect time of year in Virginia, before the stifling heat and humidity hit.
I hope you're enjoying it as well!


  1. I can see why your enjoying your garden so much, plus with all the things going on indoors, it's truly a great time to be out! ;-) Can't wait to see the progress in both your homes and so happy for you on your wonderful Mothers day outing!

  2. Gibbs is such a lovebug to help with the yardwork. My girl does the same thing and I love having her by my side. Sounds like your Mother's Day was perfect! Happy spring!

  3. Oh Nancy, your property is so gorgeous! and what a fun weekend with your family !!! Happy Birthday sweet friend!! xokim

  4. Aww, love the beautiful pic of all of you together, you look like a happy mama! Your place is amazing, wish I could come tour with a glass of wine and meet your sweet Gibbs!

  5. What a lovely property! This is the absolute best time of year...enjoy every minute of it!! xoxo

  6. I love wine tasting in VA!
    Your yard looks beautiful. Love the rhododendrons.

  7. Your home and landscape look so beautiful. I always love springtime!! The wine tasting looked like so much fun - happy weekend!!

  8. I always adore seeing pics of your magnificent yard on Instagram! Yard work is hard work, but like you, I enjoy doing it. In fact, I find it to be therapeutic:-). Have a great weekend! xo

  9. Looking gorgeous there! When are you inviting me to a pool party? Actually I can't swim so I'll just dip my toes :) Hope you are enjoying the warm temps and sunshine. I've been swamped unpacking a new shipment. Gotta get it done so I can play. xoxo


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