Monday, April 13, 2015

DC Design House, Part II

I hope you had a great weekend.  I attended a glass blowing class at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk that I will post pictures about later, but let's continue with the over-the-top inspiration from the DC Design House!
 On Friday I showed you only 5 of the rooms (out of 28).  Connecting the kitchen and breakfast nook is the family room by Iantha Carley Interiors.  These rooms are enormous and have many focal points, like the stone fireplace, wood beams, and doors to the loggia and patio.

I love these mid century chairs she found on the curb and had reupholstered!
 The solid wood plank header over the window was added to repeat the organic theme.  Love the lucite rods!

This fabric "Nympheus" by GP & J Baker is one of my favorites!

Let's go upstairs to the guest room designed by Ivy Lane Living; owned by Alex Deringer and Courtney Cox.  This room is a pastel pink with a touch of lilac that I came to love (BM Strawberry Creme) right then and there. It's like diving into a delicious desert.  The custom Ann McGuire fabric and wallpaper envelop the room and the beautiful custom nightstands had that Strawberry Creme custom gloss finish, complemented by the brass accents.  The chandelier is by Ro Sham Beaux.

Their own Ivy Lane Linens adorn the bed.

The master bedroom, designed by Christopher Patrick, is cloaked in charcoal gray, but the amount of natural light in the room keeps it illuminated.

The expansive adjoining master bath has beautiful finishes; a free standing tub against the stone wall, marble floors and shower and an oversize statement chandelier in the middle of the room.


The second floor laundry center by Lynni Megginson, has stone wallpaper with mica flecks in it and is very interesting!
{Mica by Winfield Thybony}

It is so fun to see designers experiment with different finishes at these showhouses!  Wallpaper and ceiling treatments were huge in this home including alot of grasscloth and fabric covered walls.

I love a good show house, do you?
 I hope you get to go see it if you're local.   
Have a great week.

The DC Design House is located at 956 Mackall Farms Lane in McLean, VA**  Don't trust your GPS** - Mackall Farms Lane is right off of Georgetown Pike.  For directions head here.

Open April 12 - May 10, tickets are $30 and the hours are:
Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m
NEW Thursday Evenings 5 to 8 p.m
Saturday-Sunday, 12 noon to 5 p.m
Closed Mondays
Must arrive one-half hour before closing time to take the tour.  All ticket proceeds benefit The Children's National Health System. 


  1. Love that second bedroom with the fabric and wall combination!

  2. It's across the street from where GPS directs you -which is good to know!

  3. There's some fun looking lighting in this design must of been fun to see!


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