Monday, March 9, 2015

Taking my time with the Family Room progress

Even though my family room is in the formative stages of decorating, I have to tell you how thrilled we are with our new leather sofa from Macy's.  I went to our regional store and sat on it after considering a similar model at Bloomingdales, IFN Modern and other stores.  Taking advantage of the winter furniture sales, I ordered it online on a Thursday and it was delivered the following Tuesday- THAT never happens! The quality is amazing and the customer service is exemplary. The fellas that delivered it took off their shoes, and vacuumed the rug where the sofa was to be arranged.  The extra warranty I purchased (for an additional $168) covers all stains, tears, stitching, discoloration and anything to do with the leather, for seven (7) years...what a bargain...and if you don't have a claim in 7 years they credit it back to you.

This is the Milan  leather sofa in Pearl, by Chateau D'Ax, an Italian furniture maker.  It's not ivory or beige, but a perfect in between neutral. The comfort factor and the quality made this one win over all others I considered. I have seen it priced as much as 3 x what I paid for it.

I can't wait to add more pieces to the room, but I just had to share this with you, just in case you've overlooked Macy's as a sofa source.  I'm waiting for the electrician to install the recessed lights, but at least the first purchase has been made and we have something to sit on!

This weeks iteration of my room plan looks like this:
I hope the rug is still on sale by the time I pull the trigger!  Im sure this plan will continue to be tweaked.  As designers say, we are our worst clients!


  1. your new sofa...cant wait to see your family room....

  2. The sofa is gorgeous. Love the direction you are going.

  3. Looking forward to this adventure!! Love the sofa!

  4. Now that's the way to earn a customer

  5. It's always great to hear from a satisfied customer! Glad you're so happy with your sofa and the buying experience.

    Love, love, LOVE the rug!! Link to source would be much appreciates. Pretty please. :)

  6. Love that sofa....and yes I do forget about Macy's furniture! It's gonna look great with the traditional rug and some pretty color:)


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