Tuesday, March 17, 2015

celling fan crush

The thought of spring and opening up the windows to air out the house is sounding delicious about now!  This brings up the ceiling fan dilemma.
I've always hated the look of ceiling fans and we opt for statement lighting whenever we can.  But sometimes you just need a fan!  

These beauties from Lumens are like art!

Do you {or rather, your husband} need to keep the fan, or have you done away with them?


  1. I'm not really a "fan of the ceiling fan" but these are "cool"! (I'm feeling punny today...)

  2. We need to replace the one in our master bedroom that looks like it came from a Victorian bordello. #2 would fit the bill nicely.

  3. I love having a ceiling fan in the Master ( I know many think it is tacky, it is so much more comfortable to sleep in the summer. There ARE some fabulous styles as you've shown Nancy!

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