Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The art of the vignette

When I think of a vignette in design I think of 'moments' captured like these from some of our design projects:

But the inspiration from other designers gives us a different eye into special corners of a room; well curated collections, or a photo of the most delicious textures, colors and shapes captured in a frame.  

Here are some of my favorite room vignettes:

When I taught high school art years ago, I had the students cut a square in the middle of an index card for a view finder, and told them to hold it away from their face and look at items around them, indoors and out, to capture a 'moment', a 'frame' or a composition.  This is a great way to find a composition to draw or paint, just as these photographed images above capture the best design vignettes.  

Even though in real life, the entire room looks complete, it's these 'moments' that best capture the room.  These 'pieces' of the room often look better in photos than the entire room and keep the room from looking like real estate photos.


  1. Just did a little "vignette" photo today on my blog! Love the close ups and detail shots!

  2. Love that index card idea Nancy! Maybe I should try that since I usually don't know how to photograph vignettes well.Thanks!

  3. So true! I've been taking photos of my house for someone what wants to see as much of the room as possible and it doesn't look nearly as homey that way!

  4. I find it so hard to capture that coziness in my photos. I admire that ability

  5. I recently came to the conclusion that I want my next house to have more corners, more out of the way spaces, more nooks and crannies. Because that's where the cozy happens.

  6. Such beautiful post. The painting caused my jaw to drop. All so beautiful.


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