Friday, February 27, 2015

Family time

We have had a wonderful few weeks with Bethany and family at our home while they were in between moves.  5 dogs, a cat and a pony...our kind of fun!  

Everyone got along famously and though the dogs face some adjusting ahead in their new home, they felt safe and happy at Gramma's and transitioned nicely. 

It was a motley crew, but they all loved being a part of a bigger 'pack'. Even Nicky, who is the last one to tolerate canine company, joined in the festivities.  He'll do anything to get closer to Bethany.

We said goodbye to her charming cottage in the woods, as her buyers were young, first time home owners just like they were 4 years ago.  The new owners wanted all the window treatments, paint colors and photos of decorated rooms and it was sad to let all of our decorating memories go.  But Bethany has her dream home for now, and a clean decorating slate to put all those ideas to a new test.

The house is much too quiet now, but adventures lie ahead and I'll be spending alot of time at Bethany's new house!  Nothing is more precious to me than family time and cooking for my kids and enjoying their company.  This cold, damp, frozen winter has lent itself to hibernating and we are so looking forward to spring and decorating her house!  

20 days til Spring, are you ready?


  1. What fun to have the entire crew with you, I'm sure they loved it just as much as you did!! So excited for Bethany (and your) new adventure, can't wait to see what you ladies come have in store for their new home!

  2. Awww...I know that y'all had so much fun! Look at this canine people taking over the bed and furniture! Too cute.
    Good luck getting everything settled at Bethany's. Have been doing the same for my daughter.

  3. Nancy it is so great you were there to help Bethany. I hope she will show us the changes she makes at her new home. Love the photo I have seen of you two on Facebook and Instagram, so lovely. Have a great weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. ACK!! It was a pet-a-polooza! How incredibly fun. Best of luck to Bethany, the Hubs and the furbabies on their new casa!


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